Bastion loses tank mode and self-healing in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 will see some changes to some of its roster of characters, but it seems like none of those tweaks will be as impactful as the planned changes to Bastion.

In a pair of recent videos, Blizzard devs outlined the way in which two of its heroes would be changing. Sombra, for example, will now be able to reveal the location of enemies to her team using her hack, and will be able to use that ability while hidden, rather than fully revealing her location. It’s a tweak that doesn’t change things up too much, but certainly seems to lean into what makes her unique.

When it comes to Bastion, however, things are really changing up. Instead of its tank mode, the bird-friendly robot’s Ultimate is now an artillery strike that locks Bastion into place, and is aimed via a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield. Self-repair is out too, but the payoff is some extra mobility and firepower. Sentry mode will let you move around for a few seconds, Bastion’s recon weapon now works like a scope-free sniper rifle, and a new tactical grenade that bounces off walls and sticks to enemies. 

Most importantly, however, is that Bastion now has a hat.

There’s still no word on exactly when Overwatch 2 will release – one recent report suggested a summer 2022 release, while another claimed Overwatch 2 might not launch until 2023. We do know, however, that an early build of the game will show up during next year’s Overwatch League, which is set to kick off in April.

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