Batman Inc. has a new boss, and its not who you think

The international league of Batmen, Batman Inc., was resurrected earlier this year in the ongoing Batman series, though the mantle of leadership has been hotly contested – but as revealed with the description of a new Batman comic coming in May, we have an answer.

Spoilers ahead for DC’s Batman titles.

Batman 2022 Annual #1 main cover

Batman 2022 Annual #1 main cover (Image credit: Mikel Janín (DC))

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In the current ‘Abyss’ storyline of the ongoing Batman series, Lex Luthor has resurrected Batman Inc. with help from a new villainous character called Abyss. That’s come as quite a shock to Batman, who… well…. founded Batman Inc. But the double-shock of it all, as revealed in Batman #120, is that Abyss has usurped Lex and made a claim for the Batman Inc. leadership on his own – and has gotten the full support of the group (sans Batman of course).

As revealed in the description for the just-announced Batman 2022 Annual #1 coming this May, after the end of the ‘Abyss’ storyline later this year we’ll end up with a definite Batman Inc. leader. 

No, it’s not Abyss.

No, not Lex Luthor either.

And no, Batman didn’t get it back.

Batman 2022 Annual #1 variant cover

Batman 2022 Annual #1 variant cover (Image credit: Chris Burnham (DC))

Instead, it’s Ghost-Maker, the new-ish Gotham City vigilante who over the past year has been revealed to have an immense, but previously untold, kinship with Batman. Ghost-Maker was already announced to return in March 1’s Batman #121 to help Batman with his Abyss problem, but taking over Bruce Wayne’s other family business is an entirely different story.

In May 31’s Batman 2022 Annual #1, writer Ed Brisson and artist John Timms will be showing Ghost-Maker’s first day, so to speak, as Batman Inc.’s new boss (and also its financier) – which will include cleaning up after the whole Lex Luthor/Abyss situation, but also dealing with another new DC character, the Gray Wolf.

Clownhunter – who debuted around the same time as Ghost-Maker – also has a role to play in this special.

The ‘Abyss’ story wraps up in March 1’s Batman #121, and the Batman Inc. business continues on May 31 with Batman 2022 Annual #1.

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