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The best Warzone guns change constantly, and Season 3 is no different. Whether you want assault rifles, SMGs, snipers or LMGs, there are a range of options that balance kill times, damage ranges and more to create a clear tier list of options. Thanks to Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard all adding to the mix over the years there are obviously a lot of weapons you can pick from, so let us help you find ‘the one’ for you, from a clear list of favourites in Call of Duty Warzone

Updates and changes mean gun balance and meta evolves over times but there are always some clear leaders. But, while the weapons we have here are considered the absolute top tier by a lot of players, it will all vary on your playstyle. You’l have to try some things and see what clicks for you. And, obviously, loadout changes and attachments can also play a part here. Often guns can fly unnoticed under the radar for ages until someone realises a certain sight or barrel makes it a must have. So experiment, play around, and try things out to see what works for you, because when you get it right, you’ll know. 

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Warzone best guns:

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The Kar98k is a long running classic from the start of Warzone and its Modern Warfare days that’s yet to be beaten. This marksman rifle combines power and speed, with a decent aim down sight (ADS) to make an incredibly versatile weapon at a surprising mix of ranges. It’s obviously not the best option toe to toe (although some people pull it off) but teamed up with an SMG to cover that option means you’ll have a great combination that will cover a lot of eventualities. 

The thing to remember here is that while you’ll probably play this bolt action rifle as a sniper rifle, it’s lacks the miles and miles of range a true sniper has. There’s a lot of damage and bullet drop off when you push its reach so you’re best playing it at a ‘close’ long range, and counting on its potential for one shot kills when used well.


best warzone guns

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The PPSh-41 is great for many reasons, particularly its fast time to kill (TTK), quick aim down sights (ADS) speed, and high ammo count. It also has relatively low recoil and even excels at range, which is why this weapon is so versatile. We’ve got a few Warzone best PPSh 41 loadouts here you can try out. 


Call of Duty Vanguard best weapons guns

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It feels like no shooter can pass without the MP40 being a powerhouse, and Warzone is no exception. With the integration of the Pacific Caldera and all the new Vanguard guns, the MP40 has become a highly-praised short-to-medium range SMG capable of clearing distances just as effectively as it clears rooms.

Just like with the STG44, we actually put together a whole page on some Warzone best MP40 loadout options, with advice on attachments, equipment, secondary weapons and more. 


Warzone best guns

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The Bren is an beast but an unwieldy one. It’s a slow, heavy gun to use but lethal at medium to long ranges. Especially if you can get the drop on someone and start laying down fire with the element of surprise. If you can master a fairly savage recoil there’s a fast time to kill here and a magazine size that will let you keep the fire on.   

Taking a Bren into battle means trading your mobility and an AR level fire rate for sustained, high damage thanks to that magazine and and the general punch this thing packs. You’ll have to build a loadout around taming the recoil and loose accuracy but well set up, a Bren can end an opposing player before they’ve had time to reach cover. 

AK-47 (Cold War)

Warzone best guns

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You’ll want to go for the Cold War version of the AK-47 over the Modern Warfare one thanks to it’s slightly higher fire rate and mobility. It’s once strange recoil has been tamed in post debut updates, although there’s still a knack to it. In return you’ll get a decent time to kill and some good mobility, making this a great mid to long range assault rifle option. It’s versatile too, with attachments that can push it into almost SMG territories of close range rush attacks, or towards slower, heavier hitting options that play well to the longer reaches of its range. 

Swiss K31

Warzone best sniper rifle

(Image credit: Activision)

The Swiss K31 didn’t get the best start in Warzone initially, appearing similar but inferior in every way to the Kar98k. While comparing the two initially showed lower stats in almost every category, it’s since been updated and tweaked to become a popular sniper option. That’s due some good aim down sights speed to help you find your targets, boosted stability, good mobility, and a decent fire rate for a bolt action rifle. It’s also got some low recoil if you’re going to need some follow up shots. The trade off is that while headshots are still lethal, you’ll do a little less damage elsewhere compared to other options in this category. It’s still a great ranged option though.


vanguard Welgun warzone

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The Welgun is one of those Warzone options that’s almost good to go as is, before you add anything. It’s a strange hybrid weapon that feels too heavy for an SMG but not quite an AR, and perfect for close/mid range battles – the fire rate isn’t quite high enough to excel at really tight ranges, and the accuracy suffers at longer distances. You can build it out to help it compensate for both those extremes but get in that absolute mid distance sweet spot and it’s [chef’s kiss]. Check out our Warzone Welgun loadouts to get a better idea of what this gun can do. 


Call of Duty vanguard assassin proficiency

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With the right attachments the Automaton is a laser when it comes to accuracy, although even with nothing on its damage, fire rate and control make it a great option. It’s the latter characteristic – control – that makes this one stand out. you only need a couple of attachment tweaks to the accuracy and recoil and this thing feels rock solid and capable of hitting anything. It’s not the most powerful, or fastest firing of it’s class, but the fact that it’s so easy to point and shoot makes it’s a dependable and popular choice. 

Cooper Carbine

Warzone Cooper Carbine loadout

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The Cooper Carbine, like the Welgun, is an almost hybrid weapon, coming in somewhere between an SMG and an assault rifle. That means you get a good fire rate and mobility with a decent level of damage – it’s not the most deadly AR in terms of that damage but combined with the rate of fire it makes for an easy to control weapon that can clear opponents with ease. It’s an AR that’s best played at medium to long range, although maybe not at the farther ends of that space unless you can deal with the recoil. You can find out more about how best to set up the Warzone Cooper Carbine with our guide. 

Owen Gun

Warzone best guns

(Image credit: Activision )

The Owen Gun is always a popular dependable choice thanks to its good time to kill. It’s got decent damage and… okay-ish recoil as well as good mobility that combine to make it a weapon that kills fast at close ranges, with some potential into the medium space depending on how you kit it out. That said, you will have to spend some time with it to level it up and unlock the attachments that really make it sing. A lot of people swear by a fully kitted out Owen Gun as well, so try and stick with it until you unlock some later loadout options if it’s not clicking straight away. 

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