Final Fantasy 16 trailer is “done” and the game is nearly finished

Final Fantasy 16’s new trailer is “done,” and should release soon, according to the game’s producer.

The news comes from Naoki Yoshida, appearing earlier today on May 6 in a joint presentation with NieR Reincarnation producer Yosuke Saito. When asked about the ongoing development of Final Fantasy 16, Yoshida revealed the info translated just below, saying that a new trailer for the game is finished, and the game is nearing completion.

FF16 news by Yoshi-P from the NieR Re[in]carnation stream:-The trailer is done. Certain factors caused the announcement to be delayed, but it should drop “soon”-Dev team spent a long time polishing and debugging the game-The game is pretty much completeLET’S GOOO!!! 6, 2022

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Additionally, the producer believes the trailer should release “soon,” even though factors caused it to be delayed. There’s no guessing when we could potentially see the new trailer of Final Fantasy 16, but from the sounds of Yoshida’s comments, we aren’t far off at all from seeing it for ourselves.

This would be the first time we’ve seen footage of Final Fantasy 16 since September 2020. Back before the PS5 even launched, the game was heralded as a console exclusive for the new-gen machine, being rolled out at an impressive showcase for the new console alongside other heavy hitters from Sony’s first-party studios.

Since then though, it’s gone pretty quiet from Square Enix and Yoshida. The latter would actually explain last year that news has been quiet on Final Fantasy 16 so as to limit speculation, but this hasn’t stopped the developer from numerous comments about the state of the game, revealing late last month that it was in the “final stages of development.”

Late last year, Yoshida indicated Final Fantasy 16 had been delayed by nearly half a year due to COVID-19.

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