The best controller for Elden Ring – give yourself an edge with these pads

Picking the best controller for Elden Ring is a hot topic of conversation right now. Hell, even Elden Ring itself is hot stuff right now too, and it’s proving to be potentially the best ‘Soulsbornelike’ game ever. Whatever platform folks are playing on, the challenge is real of course, and so any edge one can get is worth considering.

Some of the third-party entrants on the internet’s best PC controller guides, can give you such an edge due to the extra options they offer you – and that goes across platforms too. Particularly so as we now live in an age where the controller markets overlap somewhat, particularly between PC and each console.

Some players are gaining are particularly nifty edge when choosing their controller for Elden Ring. That’s the ability to remap back buttons or paddles to particular functions that make it possible to move quicker, evade more smoothly, carry out multiple functions, and, quite frankly, run away more easily. If you’re able to map dodge or sprint to one of the back paddles, you can free your hand to pull off complex combos in a fraction of the blink of an eye. We all know each second can be the difference between being safe or being on the end of something pointy, and this one is proving to be a fight-winner for plenty of players. 

We’ve picked three to highlight here so there is going to be a slight imbalance – exaggerated even more by the PS5’s distinct lack of third-party controllers. Though this is bound to change with Scuf’s incoming range of Reflex controllers, fingers crossed. And while these might be regular frontrunners on best Xbox One controller pages, and best PS4 controller pages, don’t dismiss them so readily, as their extra edge could see your fight more than flight, and win more than fail.

The best controllers for Elden Ring

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

(Image credit: Razer)

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer’s range of Wolverine Xbox and PC controllers have been staples of the third-party market for a good long while now, and the pads continue to be excellent options for those on the hunt for the best controller for Elden Ring. This is a wired controller, yes, but this means there’s no latency to speak of – another benefit in FromSoftware games – and it has all the hallmarks of a perfect advanced-gaming controller.

The back-paddles or back buttons sit comfortably for your pinkies or fourth fingers to interact with and because they’re not smashed onto the side of each wing and have a more central placement, they are arguably harder to accidentally press. Win win. These will be your route to success if you use these for key Elden ring actions.

Elsewhere, there are extra shoulder buttons (just beyond the traditional bumper placement, offering fingertip execution), exchangeable sticks, and D-Pad (for different heights and shapes). These are the features and possible changes that can be made that will stave off, hopefully, that famous You Died screen.

If you fancy rolling the dice with the more recent V2 variant – though you will lose the back buttons – then we’ve included a price for that below too. Beware the importance of those paddles though…

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

You knew the Elite Series 2 controller was going to come up here, didn’t you? And well, yes, it’s perhaps a bit predictable but it is the premium gaming pad of many and Xbox and PC players for a good reason: it’s a terrific, advanced controller. Throw in the fact that it’s first-party and seamlessly integrates into either setup, and offers all the customization and remapping tools that the best third-party pads offer, and you have a real winner. 

The back buttons on this one are placed closer to the back of the central core and on the wings. This is where they work best as your fingers will naturally hover over them, and their satisfyingly small, and therefore instant, actuation means incredibly speedy response times. That’s all while maintaining that flexibility to run away or pause for respite before re-engaging your foes.

The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is popular for a reason, and if you are an Xbox or PC player – or both – then this is likely already on your list of desired controllers to save up for and spend on.

dualshock 4 back button attachment review

DualShock 4 with Back Button

This is quite a specific augmentation to a controller, rather than a controller in itself, but the fact is the PS4 remains a massive player base for Elden Ring, and the DualShock 4 also retains great popularity with PC players too. Therefore, this combination is indeed worthy of a hit here.

We think the DualShock 4 is one of the best controllers going anyway: it’s durable and solid, of a good weight in the hands, was the best asymmetric controller of the past decade until the DualSense came along, and can be used well on PC. 

However, adding the back button attachment definitely elevates it to one of the best controllers for Elden Ring. This small attachment is simple in the fact that it just adds two extra buttons to the back of each wing that can be mapped to any button function you wish. The neat OLED display is crystal clear too and enables you to view the current customisation and also choose from presets.

And if you want to keep your options open to all pads to try and gain that edge, here are the latest prices for some other brilliant gaming controllers, wherever you are.

For PC players, it’s also worth considering upgrading your setup with something from our best gaming mouse and best gaming keyboard guides to ensure you have the edge in Elden Ring too.

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