Exclusive look at Han Solos card in Star Wars: Unlimited

GamesRadar+ has your first look at Han Solo’s unit card in Star Wars: Unlimited, fresh from Gen Con.

Depicting the smuggler as he appeared in A New Hope, this Star Wars: Unlimited card shows him charging down a Death Star corridor while blasting wildly with his weapon – and man, he looks pissed. This is presumably from that moment before he runs into an entire platoon of Stormtroopers, so you’ve gotta feel for the guy.

Anyway, enough preamble. Here it is, with the different language options it’ll be printed in:

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Star Wars: Unlimited Han Solo card on a plain background
(Image credit: Fantasy Flight)
Star Wars: Unlimited alternate language Han Solo card
(Image credit: Fantasy Flight)

Along with the reveal of cards like this, we’re starting to get a better understanding of how Unlimited will play thanks to it taking center stage for developer Fantasy Flight at Gen Con. You can see the game in action via Fantasy Flight’s YouTube channel, but the general gist is that you’re trying to whittle away the health of your opponent’s base. You do this by attacking with ground or space units, but the tricky balancing act comes with having to give up cards from your hand as resources to power those units. Should you hold on to a hard-hitting but expensive card so you can use it later, or are you better off resourcing it to get cheaper but weaker units on the table? When you throw in special abilities that can destroy units or harass foes, not to mention special powers for your Leader card, Unlimited’s tactical depth is starting to take shape. Indeed, it’s reminiscent of another quickfire trading card game – Disney Lorcana. Both seem much faster and more accessible than rivals like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon, so that’s no bad thing.

Not at Gen Con and want to get hands-on with the game? Your next opportunity will be at Spiel in Essen, Germany. Apparently, demo participants will also receive promo cards for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Speaking of Europe, Star Wars: Unlimited is set to be printed in five languages at launch: English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian. It’s as good an indication as any that Fantasy Flight is dead serious about this launch and is trying to get it into as many hands as possible. When combined with the recent release of Magic: The Gathering’s Lord of the Rings set and continued buzz for Lorcana, it seems as if this busy year for trading card game fans isn’t easing up any time soon.

For recommendations on what to play in the run up to Unlimited’s release, check out the best card games. You can also find out why we think Star Wars: Unlimited may be the next big thing for trading card game fans in our feature.


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