Best standing desk 2022 – improve your posture while working this year

The best standing desks are designed to allow you to improve your posture and keep you active during your regular day-to-day life. This can be for people who work at their desks for long periods of time or for people who use their desks for leisure but still want to take advantage of the health benefits of a standing desk. Many of them are flexible, because of their adjustable nature, with heights accommodating both sitting and standing. You can think on your feet with the options below.

In recent years, we’ve seen that some of the best standing desks are becoming more varied in style, form, and function. While cheaper options are very much your standard static affair, nowadays all ground is covered from motorized models and hybrid options to accommodate all manner of working positions. There are many considerations that go into deciding which models make it into our buying guides. 

Now, should you be interested in a setup that’s geared more towards leisure time, then the best gaming desks are going to be the place to look. What’s more, the best gaming chairs are the ideal companion should you want to take a rest and kick back in comfort.  

Best standing desks 2022

FlexiSpot Comhar EG8

(Image credit: Future)

1. FlexiSpot EG8 Comhar All-in-One

The best standing desk overall


Height: 28.3-inch (lowest) to 47.6-inches (highest)Width: 47.3-inchesSupported weight: 110 lbs Type: Motorized adjustable

Reasons to buy

+Beautiful glass finish +Powerful, yet quiet, motorized movement +Incredible build quality 

Reasons to avoid

-The black model is a fingerprint magnet

As far as the best standing desks are concerned, the FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One excels across the board for a few key reasons. These come down to the aggressive price point, the suite of features, and the premium build quality on offer with this unit. 

Priced at $499.99 (opens in new tab) / £449.99 (opens in new tab), the FlexiSpot Comhar features not only powerful, and near-silent, motors for lowering and raising the tabletop, but also four programmable buttons to hot-swap between specific heights. In our testing, we found that this model was able to accommodate a series of different heights in its standing modes, from 5ft6 to over 6ft tall. The company claims that you can expect lift/lower heights of 1-inch per sec and that checks out in our experience, too – it’s far from sluggish to reach the desired altitude. 

Aside from the obvious, you’ve also got 2x USB Type 2.0 ports and a USB Type C port which can be used to power and charge items such as your smartphone. There’s also a pull-out drawer that slides seemingly into what would be the side of the table, which we found was more than spacious enough to keep various items in that would have otherwise cluttered the work surface. 

All told, the FlexiSpot Comhar is an exceptional standing desk of a premium ethos while keeping that overall asking price competitive. The rugged build quality and glass finish certainly don’t hurt either. The only real downside we can tell you about this desk is in the color itself; our review unit came in a glossy piano black, which, while pretty, will show up the likes of dust and fingerprints easily. Should that worry you, we recommend opting for a white one instead. 

Flexispot EC1

(Image credit: Flexispot)

2. FlexiSpot EC1

The best standing desk for those on a budget


Height: 28-inchesWidth: 48-inchesDepth: 30-inchesSupported weight: up to 154 lbs (69.8 kg)Type: Motorized adjustable

Reasons to buy

+Aggressively priced+Steel tubed construction +Small footprint 

Reasons to avoid

-Lower weight capacity 

If you’ve been after one of the best standing desks for a budget price then the FlexiSpot EC1 could be what you’ve been waiting for. This unit offers all the same features as some of the higher-end options on the market while keeping the pricing competitive with its $250 MSRP. The only real concession here is in how much weight you can stack on top of it. 

While the FlexiSpot EC1 may lack some of the flashier electronics, it does in fact transition between sitting and standing heights just the same as any other good motorized standing desk. This is achieved through the 2-button controller (lower and raise), so while you’re missing out on more sophisticated programming options, you’re still able to make the transition smoothly at a rate of 1-inch per second.  

When testing this desk we found that in our experience, it was incredibly sturdy to the point that it felt like it would last forever. If you’re looking for a desk that’ll really hold up long term then this is a great option. 

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Vari Electric Standing Desk

(Image credit: Vari)

3. Vari Electric Standing Desk

The best standing desk at a premium


Height: 25-inchesWidth: 60-inches Depth: 30-inchesSupported weight: up to 200 lbs (90.7 kg)Type: Motorized adjustable

Reasons to buy

+Solid construction+Quick assembly +Motorized height adjustments

Reasons to avoid

-It’s expensive

The Vari Electric Standing Desk is not only one of the most popular models on the market but also genuinely one of the best standing desks that you can buy. That prestige does, however, mean that you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny to get your hands on one, but if you’re after the best user experience possible, the premium is probably worth it. 

It all comes down to the build quality and ease of use with the Vari Electric Standing Desk, as this unit is able to be programmed to electronically move between the ranges of 25 1/2 inches all the way up to 50 1/2. There are pre-sets available for certain heights, or you can manually adjust with the buttons on the built-in controller. Should you be after flexibility and adjustability in your workspace, this is hard to beat. 

Of course, the Vari Electric Standing Desk is a computer desk at its heart, and that’s why you won’t be shocked to see adept cable management and quick assembly touted as selling points either. The company claims that it can go together and be set up in five minutes, so it’s ideal for anyone after a standing desk for their setup with minimal fuss. 

ApexDesk Elite

(Image credit: ApexDesk)

4. ApexDesk Elite Series

The best standing desk for working from home


Height: 48.4-inches Width: 60-inchesDepth: 43.7-inchesSupported weight: up to 220 lbs (100kg)Type: Motorized adjustable

Reasons to buy

+Large worktop surface area+Efficient cable management +Smooth motor functions

Reasons to avoid

-Assembly is a little longwinded

The ApexDesk Elite Series is one of the best standing desks from a space perspective, with a large worktop that can easily accommodate several monitors, peripherals, and anything else you may want to include in your setup. The dual motors are fairly fast as things go, able to shift between 29 and 48 inches in height at a rate of 1.3-inches per second. 

There’s certainly a more conventional design to the ApexDesk Elite Series than what you may find with some other standing desks on the market, especially if purchased in a darker, matte colorway or style. The worktop is made of a 1-inch thick scratch-resistant laminate, so you’re not going to have to worry about scoring the wood over time if you’re someone that likes to work quickly. 

You’re looking at around 45 minutes to assemble this standing desk, which while longer than some other units, is an average time as far as construction goes. Really, the ApexDesk Elite Series is designed to appeal to anyone wanting an ergonomic, familiar feel to their workspace combined with the double-duty of sitting and standing here. 

Vari Pro Plus

(Image credit: Vari)

5. VariDesk Pro Plus

The best standing desk converter


Height: 17.5-inchesWidth: 24-inchesDepth: 24-inchesSupported weight: up to 35lbs (15.8 kg) Type: Manual converter

Reasons to buy

+11 different height settings+Spring loaded boost mechanism+Weighted base for stable use

Reasons to avoid

-Doesn’t support a multi-monitor setup

Should you be wanting to get the benefits of a dedicated standing desk without having to replace your current setup then the VariDesk Pro Plus is one of the more ingenious options out there right now. While not strictly a full desk in its own right, this unit simply bolts down onto an existing surface to provide you with standing desk functionality, with 11 different supported heights, without having to make any additional changes. As a result, this is one of the best standing desk converters money can buy right now. 

The VariDesk Pro Plus is one of the best standing desk options for anyone wanting a rugged and more cost-effective solution to a more premium model. This is because you’ve got an additional rise of up to 17.5-inches on top of whatever surface it’s going to sit on top of. The spring-loaded mechanism makes it straightforward to adjust manually. While you’re missing out on the motorized magic here, you’re getting slightly more control with where the VariDesk Pro Plus sits and at what angle to work at. 

FlexiSpot E7

(Image credit: FlexiSpot)

6. FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk

The best mid-range FlexiSpot standing desk


Height: 23-48in (58-123cm)Width: 47-63in (120-160cm)Depth: 24-31in (60-80cm)Supported weight: up to 264lbs (120kg)Type: Motorized adjustable

Reasons to buy

+Great value for money+Memory features work well +Lots of customization options

Reasons to avoid

-No cable management solution

The FlexiSpot E7 is a feature-filled, sturdy, and reasonably (for the features) priced option if you are scouring the best standing desk market for a new go-to unit. The wide range of adjustability, from 58cm all the way to 123cm means you won’t struggle to get comfortable both sitting and standing at this desk. Its impressive weight capacity of 120kg is high enough to carry even the most cumbersome kit you’d put on it.

The FlexiSpot E7 has features like a memory function, built-in USB port, individually adjustable feet, and a child lock. What it doesn’t have is any way of stopping your various cables trailing all over the place. Invest in some good cable management and you’ll have yourself a brilliant set up.

You have a wide variety of desktops to choose from, as well as three different colours of legs – you have to combine it all yourself, during a build time of around n hours. It’s also heavy so four hands would make it much easier than with two.

All in, however, the FlexiSpot E7 is a very well-made, solid bit of kit, that’s more adjustable than you’ll ever realistically need. Throw in some great features and the value here is impressive.

Eureka Ergonomic

(Image credit: Eureka)

7. Eureka Ergonomic Adjustable Standing Desk

The best standing desk for gaming


Height: 48.4-inchesWidth: 60-inchesDepth: 43.7-inchesSupported weight: up to 220-lbs (100 kg)Type: Motorized adjustable

Reasons to buy

+Carbon fiber worktop +L-shape design +Spacious for PC gaming

Reasons to avoid

-You need a lot of space for it

The Eureka Ergonomic L-shaped standing desk finds itself in an interesting position as far as PC and console gamers are concerned, being somewhat of a hybrid model. While every consideration has been made that you would expect to find in the best standing desks, the Eureka Ergonomic stands out from the pack with its striking aesthetics and design queues from the esports scene. 

There’s a fair amount of movement to be found in this particular standing desk, too, with heights ranging from 29.9 to 48.4-inches with 4-memory presets available for both sitting and standing which can be configured. The standout here, however, is the huge L-shaped gripped surface area which means it’s just as adept for multi-monitor setups as well as a gaming laptop or sizable peripherals. 

Arozzi Arena Metal standing desks

(Image credit: Arozzi)

8. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

The best standing desk for Esports


Height: up to 31.8-inchesWidth: 62-inchesDepth: 32.2-inchesType: Manual adjusting

Reasons to buy

+Grippy mouse mat all-over surface +Metal construction+Wide surface area for PC gaming

Reasons to avoid

-Availability is limited -Pretty pricey 

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk’s biggest strength is in its all-metal construction and all-over mouse mat surface, making it ideal for more intense esports and general gaming sessions. As with some of the best standing desks, the heights are adjustable for both standing and sitting depending on the situation. What’s more, there’s an ample cable management option to stop peripheral wires trailing across your floor. 

You will have to manually adjust the height in the legs of the Arozzi Arena, however, as there’s no motorized lifting system, but if you’re okay with raising and lowering the unit yourself, then that shouldn’t be too much of a barrier. This standing desk is also adorned in a black and red color scheme befitting of the competitive scene, so wouldn’t be out of place in a more hardcore gaming setup, either. 

SHW Electric

(Image credit: SHW)

9. SHW Memory Preset Electric Standing Desk

The best low profile standing desk


Height: up to 46-inchesWidth: 47.25-inchesDepth: 24-inchesSupported weight: up to 110 lbs (49.8 kg)Type: Motorized adjustable

Reasons to buy

+Available in many colors and styles+Aggressively priced+4 preset height adjustment options

Reasons to avoid

-On the smaller side

The SHW Memory Preset Electric is one of the best standing desks you can get right now, especially when factoring in its competitive MSRP of $250. You’re getting all the premium features that you would expect here, with the standout of which being the 4-way adjustable memory profiles baked into the controller. This means that the desk can be programmed to specific heights for the exact settings you need for both sitting and standing at different levels. 

It’s one of the sturdier standing desks on the market right now, too, being forged of industrial steel with telescopic leg design (that fold down into each other for added stability. This design decision means you won’t have to worry about the motors jamming or stiffening up. 

Best Standing Desks – Frequently Asked Questions

Still on the fence about whether or not a standing desk is right for you? We’ve taken it upon ourselves to answer some burning questions to help you make a decision that’s right for you. 

Once you’ve got your new desk set up and ready to go, you can benefit from the best gaming monitors, best gaming keyboards, and best gaming mouse to take full advantage of its capabilities. 

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