DC is debuting a new Birds of Prey this April

The Birds of Prey are back. No, not in a new series (not yet at least), but the Birds of Prey have landed once again at DC – but with an all-new, all-different team (to borrow a phrase).

Lady Shiva and Katana will be leading up a new version of the Birds of Prey (affectionately abbreviated as ‘BoP’ by fans), who debut in the pages of April’s Batman: Urban Legends #14. Although the two haven’t been leaders of the team before, both have served as members of the popular organization – at one point Shiva even took on the codename ‘Jade Canary’ as a play on the name of a founding member of the Birds of Prey, Black Canary.

Batman: Urban Legends #14 cover

Batman: Urban Legends #14 cover (Image credit: Karl Mostert (DC))

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But the new Birds of Prey are more than just a duo. DC tells Newsarama Katana and Lady Shiva will be joined by two recently-introduced DC characters: Miracle Molly and Ghost.

Unfortunately, there’s no artwork to go with this news just yet.

The line-up is a bit of a departure from the classic one featuring Oracle and Black Canary as its heads and the recent movie version of Harley Quinn, Huntress, Black Canary, Rene Montoya, and Cassandra Cain, but the team has excelled with changes to the line-up over the years.

And it’s also decidedly more anti-hero, with several being notable villains who have sometimes slid over to be anti-heroes depending on the story.

This new Birds of Prey story is written by Che Grayson and drawn by Serg Acuna. Grayson has a connection to this new Birds of Prey line-up, as they created Ghost back in Legends of the Dark Knight #8 (opens in new tab) with Belén Ortega.

For now the Batman: Urban Legends #14 story is a one-off, but if DC is establishing a new team it seems likely it has plans for them down the road, right?

Batman: Urban Legends #14 goes on sale April 12.

Birds of Prey rank high on our list of the best female superhero teams on the block. 

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