Blue Box insists Abandoned isnt canceled as it delays playable prologue indefinitely

Blue Box is back at it with another update on its ever-elusive PS5-exclusive horror game Abandoned, insisting that recent rumors of its cancellation are untrue.

For some context, it was recently noticed that the official Twitter account for Blue Box quietly deleted most tweets that referred to future plans for Abandoned, naturally leading many to ponder whether the game will ever launch. Blue Box was quick to respond to and deny the speculation, but didn’t clarify anything regarding the deleted tweets.

“Recently we have been bombarded with requests and questions regarding the development status for Abandoned,” reads the update. “In regards to the latest rumors regarding Abandoned being canceled. Our response to this is that these rumors are false.”

Our response to the Cancellation rumours: 31, 2022

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Blue Box goes on to say the full Abandoned reveal app and planned release of the game’s prologue have both been delayed. The app, which Blue Box refers to as a “real-time experience,” went live back in August but featured little more than a few empty boxes and a very brief teaser. Enigmatic Blue Box chief Hasan Kahraman admitted shortly thereafter that the event was a “disaster,” promising a new trailer would be coming “very soon” followed by a playable prologue. Now, the new trailer and prologue are delayed indefinitely.

“These were originally planned for Q1 2022 but unfortunately we aren’t ready yet as we underestimated our development roadmap. Therefore we have delayed the reveal and the release for Abandoned: Prologue. We will release Abandoned: Prologue when it’s stable, good, and ready.”

At this point, even with this latest update, it’s reasonable to question whether Abandoned will ever truly launch. As we wrote in August, the fickle pattern of development updates we’ve seen from Abandoned reflects an earlier Blue Box project from 2015, which never saw the light of day.

The latest statement from Blue Box acknowledges the community’s “frustration” and offers repeated apologies, assuring that work will continue on the game but offering no concrete timeline.

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