Bluepoint is reportedly making an original game and a “beloved” remake

Bluepoint Games has two projects in development, a rumor claims.

Twitter user “Millie A” has made the new claim about Bluepoint Games. The rumor claims that Bluepoint has two unannounced projects in development, one of which is akin to Spider-Man: Miles Morales in size, while the other is a “remake of a beloved game.”

Bluepoint who are an official PlayStation Studio as of yesterday, have 2 projects in development.1) An original game that is a similar size to Insomniac’s Miles Morales 2) Remake of a beloved gameSeptember 30, 2021

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No, that remake of a “beloved game” is not Metal Gear Solid, the user reveals in a follow up tweet (opens in new tab). Right now, there’s no indication as to what either of these projects could potentially be, but the claim does line up with what Bluepoint president Marco Thrush stated yesterday.

In particular, Thrush revealed that Bluepoint was working on “original content,” via the announcement that Bluepoint was being acquired by PlayStation. This appears to be a hint that the studio is taking a break from developing remakes of established games, and embarking on a new course to develop their own, original project.

Millie A, however, posits that the studio is working on a new game and a remake at the same time. What’s interesting is that Thrush revealed Bluepoint is partly developing their own game due to the size of the studio. At the height of development for the Demon’s Souls remake, Bluepoint numbered over 90 staff in total, and if Thrush deems this a significant enough number to develop an original game, you’d think Bluepoint would need to hire more staff to develop two projects simultaneously.

While it’s always worth taking leaks like this with a pinch of salt, Millie A has recently proven themselves a pretty reliable source. The account correctly predicted the date of the September PlayStation showcase three weeks ahead of Sony’s announcement, and even teased the existence of Marvel’s Wolverine ahead of its reveal.

Either way, there’s no doubt a big wait in store to see what Bluepoint Games is actually working on. The acquisition yesterday makes Bluepoint the fourth recent developer to be acquired by PlayStation, after Housemarque, Nixxes, and Firesprite were all acquired by the company earlier this year. PlayStation Worldwide Studios head Herman Hulst even indicated that PlayStation isn’t done with acquisitions just yet, so we could be in for another reveal relatively soon.

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