Brian Augustyn, longtime DC editor and Batman – Gotham by Gaslight writer dies

Writer/editor Brian Augustyn has died after suffering a stroke, according to a Facebook post from his longtime collaborator and friend, writer Mark Waid. Waid disclosed the news of Augustyn’s death on his Facebook page, (opens in new tab) nothing that Augustyn’s family requested for him to make the announcement.

Augustyn made his name in comics as a senior editor for DC from 1987 through 1996, editing major titles including Justice League, Flash, and Wonder Woman, while also working closely with Waid as a fellow editor, and later writer.

Brian Augustyn

Brian Augustyn (Image credit: TwoMorrows Publishing)

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Augustyn also broke new ground for DC as the writer of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (opens in new tab), the very first ‘Elseworlds’ title from DC’s former alt-reality-focused line. Alongside co-writer Waid, Augustyn also redefined the origins of the Justice League in JLA: Year One (opens in new tab), which adapted the team’s earliest adventures for a modern context. He also teamed with Waid again for an extended, fan-favorite run on The Flash (opens in new tab), which brought Wally West to the forefront of the DC Universe.

Aside from his primary work at DC, Augustyn wrote comics for Marvel, Dark Horse, Wildstorm, Chaos, and more. 

Augustyn is survived by his wife Nadine, and daughters Carrie and Allie. Waid’s announcement of Augustyn’s death requests that condolences and messages of support be sent to Waid, who has volunteered to pass them along to Augustyn’s family on their behalf.

“This one hurts unimaginably: Brian Augustyn, rest in peace. The Augustyn family has asked me to let Brian’s friends and fans know that Brian left us today after suffering a sudden, severe stroke over the weekend,” reads Waid’s statement. 

“I have spent a lot of time these last few hours writing a great deal about Brian, and I’ll share those thoughts soon, but for now I simply wanted to let everyone know. Comics has lost a very kind, very talented man who has been my big brother and one of my very best friends for nearly 35 years.”

“If you’ve ever been a friend, colleague, or fan of Brian’s – or, frankly, a fan of the work done by Humberto Ramos, Mike Wieringo, Mike Parobeck, Oscar Jimenez, Howard Porter, Travis Charest, or any of the many, many other creators who owe their careers to Brian, myself included – I’m asking you to send a card or a note to his wife Nadine and daughters Carrie and Allie to express your condolences and tell them what he meant to you,” Waid continues. 

“I believe it would mean a lot to them. I realize we live in an ephemeral era of emails and texts, but something tangible, something on paper, something they can treasure, would be appreciated. Send to the following address and I will pass everything along, so please keep it to letters and cards if you will. Thank you.”

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