Bugged Destiny 2 crossbows wont stop one-shotting you any time soon, Bungie warns

Destiny 2 players have been getting slapped by Scorn snipers ever since The Witch Queen launched, and Bungie says they won’t be fixed for several months. 

One Redditor asked about the Scorn’s inexplicably overpowered crossbows in a thread discussing Bungie’s latest blog post, and community manager dm04 jumped in (opens in new tab) to confirm that “their reign of terror will end in a future season.”

In other words, it’s not just you; those Scorn snipers are definitely hitting way too hard, with even low-level versions of these enemies seemingly firing the same bolts that killed Cayde-6’s Ghost. Bungie’s aware of the problem, but it’s apparently such a deeply rooted issue that it can’t deploy a rapid fix. Some players have speculated that it’s another instance of damage being tied to framerate – an issue that’s accidentally buffed the pants off certain enemies before – but that’s an unconfirmed theory. 

There are 52 days left in the current season of Destiny 2, and dmg04 notably didn’t specify a Scorn fix coming next season, so these snipers may continue to terrorize players for several months. 

While we wait for a fix, you may want to throw on some defensive chest piece mods. Sniper resistance is available for all four armor elements and only costs one energy, plus it protects against all far-off enemies. You can also target the Scorn snipers specifically with void resistance, though it’s only available on void-type armor. At least changing elemental types is way cheaper nowadays, though that may come as little comfort if Scorn snipers in Grandmaster Nightfalls can kill you through mods like these. 

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