Bugsnax Hidden Ruins

Finding the Bugsnax Hidden Ruins for Tiffany is a task that stands out from most of the other puzzles you’ll need to complete on your adventure, as it doesn’t actually involve discovering how to capture a particular Bugsnax. You may even consider it a welcome break from all of that creature catching, however if you want to get Tiffany back to Snaxburg then you’ll need to find the Bugsnax Hidden Ruins and the game doesn’t offer much in the way of hints for how to locate or open these hidden doors. You won’t be able to move on with the story until you’ve found both of them, but handily the first one is nearby, the second isn’t much further, and both Bugsnax Hidden Ruins are opened the same way.

How to open the first Bugsnax Hidden Ruins

Bugsnax Hidden Ruins

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Immediately across from Triffany’s dig site, you’ll see an archway in the rock where the stones are all cracked. The first Bugsnax Hidden Ruin you need to enter is here, but you can’t break down the door alone. Instead, you need to goad a Spuddy – as an Aggressive Bugsnax, all it takes is for the nearest one to spot you – into charging.

Once you’ve got Spuddy’s attention, stand in front of the cracks in the rock, then just before it hits you, jump. Spuddy will miss you completely and crash through the rock, revealing a hidden cavern with mysterious cave markings. Triffany will then ask you to find the second ruin, which is opened in the same way.

How to open the second Bugsnax Hidden Ruins

Bugsnax Hidden Ruins

(Image credit: Young Horses)

This Bugsnax Hidden Ruin is in the narrow canyon, directly opposite the berth Crombo and his bridge are on, and it’s wedged in between the ledge with the Sweet Fryder and the stairs which take you up to Crombo. There are two Spuddys near here, so getting one to charge shouldn’t be too difficult – the hardest part is that they often ignore you and charge each other. If that happens, scoop one in your net and wait for the second to recover.

Inside the ruin, there will be two Shy Weenyworms, and Triffany wants you to catch one. They’re very easy to catch, as they crawl around in a simple circle and don’t even hide when scared, they just stop moving. Set a trap along their path, back away enough that they start moving, then trap them inside. With all this done, Triffany will now be ready to head back to Snaxburg.

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