Bungie is working on a new mobile game engine according to job listing

It looks like Bungie is hard at work on its own mobile gaming engine, at lesat according to a new job listing. 

The listing (opens in new tab), spotted by The Game Post (opens in new tab), seeks a new “Senior Mobile Platforms Engineer”. It seems the company is looking for a candidate that can help “extend the technology” that Bungie’s games “rely on to reach players on iOS and Android mobile platforms”.

The preferred candidate for this role will be “excited to evolve Bungie’s internal game engine to support mobile platforms” and “solve the interesting problems of supporting mobile, including player controls, UI, performance optimization, and size reduction.” 

Preferred experience includes having worked as a software engineer on mobile games or iOS/Android applications. It certainly sounds like a recruiting round for the perfect person to come on board and start working on a mobile engine, but Bungie’s remained mum, officially, on the subject.  

This isn’t the first round of mobile-centric positions Bungie has hired for. Previously, the developer sought an Art Director, Executive Producer, and Senior Test Manager. All positions required previous experience in the mobile gaming space, further hinting at potential movement in the realm of a new mobile game. 

There hasn’t been anything confirmed or even rumored by way of bringing Destiny 2 to mobile devices, however. In fact, the developer is actually working on a new character-focused third-person action title, so this apparent move toward mobile could involve that game.

Speaking of which, that game was also spotted via job listing and is being billed as a “brand new” title, which will include PvP elements like those seen in Destiny 2. Candidates are being asked to come in with “experience working on character-focused third-person action games (platformers, isometric, etc.)”. Again, this is only supposition drawn from the positions Bungie has been hiring for, but there are certainly some interesting leaps being made in terms of development. 

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