Bungie promises fixes for Destiny 2: The Witch Queens two biggest problems

Bungie is working on patches targeting drop rates for Deepsight weapons and Ascendant Alloys in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen to help smooth over the weapon crafting grind. 

Game director Joe Blackburn addressed the availability of these two resources, which have become some of the biggest pain points in the Destiny 2 community, in a recent Twitter (opens in new tab) thread. “The drop rates and unlock requirements for the Wellspring Throne World weapons are currently going to gate off too many players from being able to earn their Exotic glaives,” Blackburn said, referring to the quest line which requires players to craft all of the new Throne World weapons before unlocking one of the three new Exotic glaives. 

Some of the patterns (read: crafting blueprints) for these weapons only drop in the new Wellspring activity, but they’re exceedingly rare right now, to the point that a full day of grinding may not unlock a single one. To that end, a patch “targeting next week” will increase the drop rate of weapons in Wellspring and add “bad luck protection” to eventually guarantee a pattern-unlocking Deepsight version of those weapons. 

“Feel free to join me in the Wellspring this week if you want to be one of the first for a crafted version of these weapons, but know that next week this step should be a lot easier to make reliable progress,” Blackburn added.

The drop rate for Ascendant Alloys, which are needed to unlock enhanced perks on crafted weapons, also “aren’t where we want them,” Blackburn said. A separate patch planned for this Thursday, March 3, will increase the odds of Ascendant Alloys dropping from high-level activities based on the difficulty of the activity and your Champion completion level (silver, gold, platinum). In other words, if you run a harder version and kill all the Champions, you’ll have a better shot at an Ascendant Alloy. 

As we said in our latest Destiny 2: The Witch Queen review in progress update, weapon crafting has been hamstrung by the low drop rates for these essential materials, so these patches can’t come soon enough. 

Outside of weapon crafting, it seems Bungie is also investigating some frankly busted interactions involving a few Void 3.0 abilities and combos, including a Synthoceps Titan build and one of the seasonal mods for the glaive, but potential changes for these haven’t been determined just yet. It sounds like these are so strong that they could threaten the world-first raid race scheduled for March 5, so Bungie’s preparing some “short term solutions” ahead of long-term fixes. 

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