Call of Duty: Vanguard player gets his college kicked from the season after revealing cheats on stream

A Call of Duty: Vanguard player outed himself by exposing his own cheats on stream. 

According to Dexerto (opens in new tab), it all went down during a 2v2 tournament on Checkmate Gaming (opens in new tab). Vanguard player Kenji seemed to show off some suspicious moves, which alerted duo iLuhvly and Sasuke that he could potentially be cheatting. 

Kenji, in an effort to convince viewers there’s no way he wasn’t cheating, turned on a monitor cam during gameplay. While this was in an attempt to allay accusers’ fears that he was cheating, his stream actually confirmed the accusations made against him. 

As you can see in the clip (opens in new tab), shared by Sasuke himself on Twitter, Kenji’s monitor cam captured every bit of the wallhack cheats he had been using, right there on camera. Though he ended up losing the final showdown captured via stream, the hacks are clearly visible throughout the gameplay clip. 

GG’s Kenji CAUGHT 4K BOXES ON HIS MONITOR CAM! thanks to @iLuhvly the hacker detective and @CallenDisplay! #HACKERDOWN #4K 29, 2022

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Vengeance came swiftly and without a chance for redemption for Kenji. Not only was he banned via tournament platform Checkmate Gaming, where he had earned around $4,000 since late 2020 from Call of Duty play, but his antics got his entire collegiate league banned too. The College CoD League (opens in new tab) handed down a permanent ban in addition to disqualifying his other teammates representing Grand Canyon University.

“Kenji is permanently banned from the CCL,” the College CoD League posted to its official Discord server (opens in new tab). “Grand Canyon University is disqualified from the rest of the 2022 season and post-season. All GCU players listed below that competed alongside Kenji are banned until the beginning of the 2023 Season and may return to competition in the 2023 Season.”

Kenji has since deleted his Twitch account. Cheaters never prosper, after all. 

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