Chris Pine is basically Jason Bourne in the new trailer for The Contractor

Chris Pine returns in The Contractor – and the new trailer teases a thrilling action movie in the same vein as shakey-camera classic Jason Bourne.

The Wonder Woman and Star Trek actor plays James Harper, a Special Forces Sergeant who is involuntarily discharged from the army with his pension cut off. Desperate to avoid further debt and wanting to provide for his family (hello, Community’s Gillian Jacobs as his loving spouse), James is employed by a shady private underground military force. Things go wrong on the first assignment and Pine’s character finds himself being hunted John Wick-style as he fights to stay alive long enough to go home and find out the truth about his mission.

Kiefer Sutherland, Ben Foster, and Eddie Marsan also appear in The Contractor, with Tarik Saleh, who directed episodes of the HBO series Westworld, helming the movie. Filming started and then finished back in 2019. The Contractor will release in cinemas and on digital to buy on April 1.

Meanwhile, Pine recently made headlines after Paramount announced that another Star Trek movie is in the works with the current cinematic crew all returning for a fourth outing on the Enterprise. Pine leads the cast, returning as James T. Kirk after first appearing as the captain in 2009.

Pine already has a busy schedule ahead of him. After The Contractor, he can next be seen in Olivia Wilde’s highly anticipated Don’t Worry Darling, which co-stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. Pine will then appear in the new Dungeons and Dragons movie, set for release in 2023. 

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