Netflix cancels Cowboy Bebop after one season

Netflix has canceled the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop after just one season, reports THR (opens in new tab).

The TV series based on the iconic anime and manga debuted on Netflix less than three weeks ago on November 19. Season one consisted of ten episodes, and apparently Netflix has seen enough.

It isn’t clear from THR’s report exactly why Netflix doesn’t want a second season of Cowboy Bebop, but one only needs to check out the first season’s less than stellar Rotten Tomatoes score (opens in new tab) for one indication. The series currently sports a 46% Tomatometer (critics’ rating) and 54% average audience score, which isn’t awful, but isn’t exactly promising either.

On the other hand, Netflix’s take on Cowboy Bebop certainly has its fans, who will be disappointed not to see another season. GamesRadar’s review awarded the series 4/5 stars, calling it “a stellar remix that hits all the right notes,” despite some so-so fight scenes and the odd pacing issue.

“The live-action adaptation of Shinichirō Watanabe‘s seminal 1998 anime was always going to face an uphill struggle, partly due to its passionate fanbase and the streamer’s so-so record with ropey first seasons,” writes Bradley Russell. “But thanks to its razor-sharp dialogue and inspired casting choices, Cowboy Bebop is overflowing with charm, personality, and style – becoming a worthy companion piece to the original series.”

Cowboy Bebop reportedly garnered a healthy 74 million viewing hours during its first week, but that number shrunk by 59% for the week of November 29 to December 5. It’s likely Netflix took the lukewarm reception and ran the viewership numbers against the development costs and decided it wasn’t worth continuing.

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