Dark Souls 3 player beats the game without taking a single step

Someone’s actually beaten Dark Souls 3 without taking a single step.

Yes, you read that correctly. In the epic 55-minute video just below, YouTuber ymfah, who is no stranger to weird and wonderful runs through FromSoftware’s games, has actually managed to beat Dark Souls 3 without walking. There’s still movement in the playthrough, mind you, just not in the conventional way of actually moving the analog stick stick to walk.

To make this run actually work, the player selected the Thief class for the Bandit Knife at the very beginning of Dark Souls 3. In bagging this weapon, ymfah is actually able to move forward with the weapon’s unique skill, which slashes with an attack while having the player take a few brief steps forward.

It’s through this that ymfah is able to make it through Dark Souls 3 without walking. They even switched off the left analog stick on their controller to prevent them from moving, such was their dedication to this strange task. Hey, if you’re going to do something like this, you might as well go all out.

ymfah actually has a huge number of odd runs through FromSoftware games, including a pacifist run through Bloodborne (opens in new tab), a guide on how to break Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake (opens in new tab), and how to be overpowered early in Elden Ring (opens in new tab). That final video in particular has proved a massive hit with YouTube viewers, amassing over 1.7 million views in right around a month, as Elden Ring‘s Tarnished audience seeks any leg over the competition.

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