The Last of Us 2 arcade real life counterpart is closing down

The Seattle-based arcade that featured in The Last of Us 2 is sadly shutting its doors for good.

Just below, you can see a tweet from a Seattle-based artist and writer, bemoaning the loss of Gameworks, a major arcade of the Pacific northwest city. This arcade is actually one featured in The Last of Us 2, during Ellie’s adventures in Seattle, where she ventures through the ruined city by boat during Chapter 4 of Naughty Dog’s sequel.

Gameworks is closing, apparently. This is the day I’ve dreaded for years. Seattle about to lose significant cool points 22, 2021

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The replies to the artist/writer’s original tweet are filled with people similarly saddened by the loss of Gameworks in Seattle. It would appear that the arcade, which is actually part of a U.S.-based chain, had a reputation among the Seattle gaming community for being one of the very best arcades to visit in the whole city.

For those that don’t know, Ellie visits the ruins of Gameworks in The Last of Us 2 for an encounter with a Bloater. You can see a brief clip of the fight in this YouTube (opens in new tab) video, where you can clearly see the middle walkway of the big arcade extending above Ellie’s fight with the Bloater among boatloads of arcade machines.

The Last of Us 2 primarily takes place around Seattle, where Naughty Dog incorporated various other landmarks of the city into the game, just like Gameworks. For example, the gigantic ferris wheel can be seen while exploring the city as Ellie, and both Ellie and Abby’s adventures take them to the Seattle aquarium numerous times. Here’s hoping Gameworks is the last Seattle landmark seen in The Last of Us 2 to shut its doors.

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