Dark Souls mod adds Halo weapons to the game

A Dark Souls modder has taken the futuristic weapons of Halo and introduced them to the FromSoftware dark fantasy game – complete with 100 new custom animations. 

YouTuber InfernoPlus (opens in new tab) recently put out a video titled ‘Dark Souls Except It’s Incredibly Cursed’ which shows off what the ‘v2.0 Dark Souls: Remastered Mod’ can do. As you can see from the video, the modder has taken a range of elements from Halo – such as The Needler – and implemented them into Dark Souls, and yes, it looks just as bizarre as you’d expect.

According to InfernoPlus, the guns in this mod are implemented as a completely new category of weapon, with their own controls and mechanics. If this didn’t already take up loads of the modder’s time, developing 100 custom animations for the weapons to mimic the ones found in Halo probably didn’t make the process any easier. 

InfernoPlus also revealed that the gun’s visual effects took a lot of work to implement into the game as they’re full of detail. The YouTuber reveals that the visual effects connected to the Halo guns were “entirely unnecessary” but the results speak for themselves as this mod looks incredible. The modder also added the correct sound effects for the guns to the mod giving those who try it out for themselves a more immersive experience. 

The mod is available on the InfernoPlus Patreon (opens in new tab) for free for both the original version of Dark Souls and the 2018 remaster. This wouldn’t be the first time a fan wanted to blend two games together with the help of mods, as one Skyrim fan turned the game into Dark Souls with the use of 500 mods.

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