Dead Space remake studio job listings point to another new game

It looks like the studio behind the upcoming Dead Space remake has another project in the works: a new game with a strong emphasis on story.

The revelation comes via a job listing for a narrative director (opens in new tab) at Motive Montreal, which asks for potential applicants to “join us in the early stages of an exciting new project where story plays a central role,” as spotted by GameRant (opens in new tab). Read broadly, this could also describe the Dead Space remake that we already know Motive is working on. However, the other roles which are specifically being recruited to work on the Dead Space remake mention Dead Space in the title of the listing, and the remake is hopefully too far along in development at this point to be in the early stages of story creation.

Another job listing for a gameplay designer (opens in new tab) describes a role “focused on combat and AI to join our team on the early stages of a new AAA project,” which is likely referring to the same thing. Taken all together, we can surmise that Motive is working on a new project in parallel with the Dead Space remake which will have a strong emphasis on story, as well as combat against AI-powered foes.

Before it signed up for a tour on Dead Space’s USG Ishimura, Motive’s two previous projects were Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Squadrons. It largely created the single-player campaign for the former in collaboration with principal developer DICE. Clearly the studio has built up a lot of muscle for sci-fi storytelling at this point, but we’ll have to wait and see whether that trend continues in whatever this new project turns out to be.

Speaking of muscle, the Dead Space remake will introduce new peeling tech that will make dismembering necromorphs even grosser (in a good way).

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