Dead Space remake will hold another showcase this week

Dead Space remake developer Motive will hold another developer-led livestream showcasing the remade horror icon on Friday, March 11.

Motive announced the stream earlier today. A tweet (opens in new tab) confirmed that the show will start at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST on Friday, and you can tune in via YouTube (opens in new tab) and Twitch (opens in new tab). For this stream, Motive will focus on the game’s “audio development,” which is especially tantalizing given how impactful and memorable a soundscape the original game had. 

The YouTube listing for the stream describes it as “the sound of fear reimagined,” which is exactly what we want to hear. 

“This livestream will focus on the studio’s philosophy for taking Dead Space’s award-winning audio design to the next level by bringing the game to today’s generation of platforms and the new Frostbite engine – while still remaining faithful to the iconic atmosphere, mood, and sounds you know and love,” the video description reads. 

The stream will feature creative director Roman Campos-Oriola, senior producer Philippe Ducharme, and audio director Olivier Asselin. These three devs will outline the aptly named “A.L.I.V.E System” said to control protagonist Isaac Clarke’s heart rate, breathing, and dialogue delivery (with voice actor Gunner Wright returning to add new dialogue for the character, who stayed quite in the original game); how modern-day audio occlusion enhances Dead Space’s many sounds; and how effects for weapons like the plasma cutter and pulse rifle have been updated.

The Dead Space remake went dark shortly after it was announced in July 2021. We last heard from Motive in September, and at the time the studio said we likely wouldn’t see or hear much about the game until 2022. Clearly, it wasn’t kidding. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another six months for our next look at the game, but for now, it’ll be nice to see and hear more of it in action. 

Developers from the original Dead Space have consulted with Motive on the remake and describe it as “amazingly respectful” of the original. 

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