The best Deathloop powers and upgrades to get

The best Deathloop powers depend on how you want to play. Learned via ‘Slabs’ they give you abilities like invisibility, teleportation and more. Knowing where to find them and what they do will make sure you prioritise the ones that work best for you and killing the right Visionaries that have them first. However, this is a time loop game and and you can upgrade Slabs or powers by killing the Visionary owns then again, and again, with each ‘new’ Slab upgrading an ability up to four times. So there’s some work in front of you to get all the available Deathloop Slab upgrades. It’s worth knowing what you can get though as some late stage upgrades can make some abilities indispensable. Below we’re going to cover everything you need to know about Deathloop powers and upgrades, including when and where to find them.   

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The best Deathloop powers

Your go-to, best Deathloop powers are Aether, Shift, and Nexus which, respectively, are invisibility, teleportation, and the ability to join enemies so killing one kills everyone. These will see you through the entire game and, as you can only equip two at a time, you’ll mainly want to be rocking Aether and Nexus. Aether hides you from enemies, turrets, cameras and trip mines, letting you sneak and hack without alerting anyone. While Nexus is almost overpowered: you can upgrade it to heal you when you kill affected people, or make connections spread and it’s possible to clear entire areas with a single shot. Shift’s teleportation is extremely useful but mainly shines when you want to explore. However, there aren’t really any important routes your double jump can’t reach so you’ll probably want to stick to Aether and Nexus once you’ve learned the paths. 

The other powers, Havoc and Karnesis, which are a tank-like damage boost and a telekinetic ability to throw enemies, are enjoyable to try out but have little practical use overall. Havoc only really works if you pile in all guns blazing, all the time, and Karnesis is great fun when hurling enemies off cliffs but a bit useless otherwise. 


deathloop powers slabs

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Where to find it – Egor in the Complex, Evening

Aether is basically near invisibility. It isn’t absolute, and if enemies get close enough they’ll eventually see you, but it will let you sneak right past people in the open. It also prevents cameras and turrets from seeing you, making them easier to hack, and stops you setting off trip mines (you’ll still set off normal mines though). The best upgrades to use are Erase and Ghost. Erase will hide the remains of enemies you kill while using Aether so as not to alert others, and Ghost will make Aether only use power when you move, so staying stationary keeps you invisible indefinitely. 

Aether upgrades

  • Erase – While Aether is active, killing an enemy doesn’t leave a trace. 
  • Ghost – Aether doesn’t consume power while you’re standing still. 
  • Phase – Damage does not deactivate Aether, and you suffer less damage while it’s active.
  • Flicker – Attacking while using Aether makes you appear briefly but doesn’t halt the effect.


deathloop powers slabs

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Where to get it – Harriet in Karl’s Bay, Morning

Nexus is basically Dishonored’s Domino power, letting you link enemies together so that killing one kills everyone joined. It’ll let you clear entire rooms in a single shot and, if you get overwhelmed, let you take out all your attackers in one go. With the right upgrades it’s incredibly powerful and near-essential. Parasite will turn the damage you inflict into healing, while Influence will let ‘infected’ enemies transfer the connection to any people they pass.

Nexus upgrades:

  • Parasite – When someone affected by Nexus takes damage, you regain health. 
  • Protection – Nexus drains your power at a slower rate. 
  • Influence – Enemies affected by Nexus spontaneously create connections to others nearby.
  • Attraction – Nexus projectiles home in on enemies until they become unstable. 


deathloop powers slabs

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Where to get it – Charlie in Updaam, Noon

Using Shift is a great way to explore when you’re learning routes and paths through the game. Upgrades like Airborne, which lets you float briefly after Shifting so you can Shift somewhere else from the air, and the range extending Reach, really let you poke into every nook and cranny of Blackreef. You can also Shift through trip mines without setting them off. However, there’s very little you can’t do with the basic double jump so once you know where you are going it’s worth swapping this out. 

Shift upgrades:

  • Airborne – Using shift in mid-air briefly halts your fall .
  • Swapper – Shift can be used to swap your position with that of an enemy. 
  • Reach – You can travel further and higher.
  • Dropkick – Kicking during the use of shift creates a powerful and dangerous sonic boom.


deathloop powers slabs

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Where to get it – Fia at Fristad Rock, Noon

Havoc is probably the least useful power in the whole game. It lets you tank out, inflicting and taking more damage, which might sound useful but Deathloop is a stealth game and doesn’t really suit the direct approach. Unless you’re specifically aiming to trash your way through every second of every level there are better powers to use. Plus, unless you kill everyone before draining your power, you could end up with more problems at the end than you started with. 

Havoc upgrades:

  • Euphoria – The more damage you take while using Havoc, the more damage you dish out.
  • Withdrawal – Regain power by damaging your foes while using Havoc. Invigorating!
  • Bulwark – Hits don’t drain power, but Havoc drains Power faster. Also, you move slower.  
  • Backlash – When Havoc ends you release a devastating and powerful blast.


deathloop powers slabs

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Where to get it – Aleksis at Updaam, evening

The telekinetic abilities of Karnesis are incredibly fun – letting you hurl enemies into the air – but not much use once the novelty of throwing people from cliffs has worn off. Like Havoc it’s a very ‘direct assault’ ability in a game that favors stealth, so has limited, if any, practical use in general play. Hugely enjoyable to mess around with but not one to take out if you really want to achieve anything.   

Karnesis upgrades:

  • Slam – Using Karnesis on affected enemies violently hurls them down.
  • Flash bomb – Enemies affected by Karnesis land with a damaging blast. 
  • Zone – Use Karnesis to push away multiple enemies for some much needed breathing room. 
  • Suspension – Enemies thrown by Karnesis hover helplessly in the air. Easy pickings. 

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