Demons Souls PS5 remake still has at least 4 undiscovered new items, dataminer says

The Demon’s Souls PS5 remake still has four undiscovered new items waiting to be found, according to a dataminer.

Lance McDonald, who is a prominent name in breaking down FromSoftware games to see how they tick, shared the intriguing news on Twitter. The trick of it is, since McDonald learned of the items via datamining rather than the standard experience of the game itself, nobody knows how to actually find them “in-person”, so to speak – or at least nobody who wants to share their discoveries.

If I knew how to get them myself, I would. I just know they exist in the data. If we ever get a PlayStation 5 jailbreak maybe I’ll be able to figure it out, but for now all I know is there’s 4 undiscovered items, and what they’re called.February 7, 2022

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It’s entirely possible that Demon’s Souls remake developer Bluepoint created these new items but, for whatever reason, didn’t end up making them accessible in the normal course of playing the game. That would leave them floating in the back-end infrastructure, never to be acquired except perhaps through externally assisted means.

McDonald added that they’ll share more details (opens in new tab) about the four items if they ever learn for sure that they can’t be acquired through in-game means. Not a moment sooner, though, since McDonald doesn’t want to spoil any ongoing Easter egg hunts by skipping right to the potential goodies waiting at the finish line.

Meanwhile, FromSoftware itself will roll out plenty more secrets to find when Elden Ring is released on February 25 – and yes, some of them will probably be in the new poison swamps. That’s swamps plural.

Still, don’t be too discouraged if you’ve bounced off previous FromSoftware games, as director Hidetaka Miyazaki predicts “more players will finish” Elden Ring as compared to Dark Souls.

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