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Whats the best Demons Souls starting gift?

Knowing what Demon’s Souls starting gift to take is a big decision. Or at least it feels like it, adding in a Dark Souls feature where you pick an item from a range at the start to give you (hopefully) and advantage when you begin. There’s a lot of options …

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Demons Souls World Tendency explained

Demon’s Souls World Tendency can make huge changes to the game for something that provides very little info on how it works. You can make the game harder, summon tough enemies, open or close certain routes trough a Demon’s Souls area and more if you don’t know what you’re doing …

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The best Demons Souls weapons and where to find them

The best Demon’s Souls weapons completely change your experience of trying to survive. There are loads of different stats that, depending on your character build, can make weapons amazing, or useless. The ‘best weapon’ then, entirely depends on where you’ve spent your points in many cases, with attack values that …

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