Derry Girls season 3: Liam Neeson makes surprise cameo and fans go wild

The much-anticipated return of Derry Girls kicked off with a huge surprise for viewers. Spoilers ahead!

The Derry Girls – and boy – were getting up to their usual antics in the opening episode of season three. The teenagers found themselves in trouble with the law after accidentally helping two thieves rob Our Lady Immaculate College. 

However, they were not the only ones in shock when they went to the police station. Viewers were left reeling after the inspector tasked with questioning them turned out to be Hollywood actor Liam Neeson

Neeson, who hails from Ballymena in Northern Ireland, cameoed as an officer in the hilarious scene. In typical Derry Girls fashion, his brief appearance featured Michelle attempting to flirt with him, Claire panicking, and James’ masculinity insulted. 

Neeson’s character’s frustration when Erin could not stop referring to a non-existent tape was also a highlight – but it was when the teenagers brought Uncle Colm in to help them, that things really got hilarious. His rambling appeared even too much for the inspector to handle. The scene ended with the Taken star begging the girls to leave the station – and to bring Colm with them.

Liam Neeson in Derry Girls

(Image credit: CHANNEL 4)

Fans were left in shock at the surprise cameo, which the cast and crew had kept under wraps since filming. Posting on Twitter, one wrote (opens in new tab): “As if the return of Derry Girls wasn’t exciting enough….. they bring in Liam Neeson.”

Another commented (opens in new tab): “The gasps out of everyone when Liam Neeson came on screen.” A third wrote (opens in new tab): “Liam Neeson finds a role to surpass #Taken.” While a fourth added (opens in new tab): “As if Derry Girls got Liam Neeson in, LOVE IT. Just as good as always, this really will be a modern classic.”

Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee also shared some insight into how they kept Neeson’s cameo a secret when filming the show. Posting on Twitter after it aired, she wrote (opens in new tab): “Thanks for watching lads! Our code name for Liam during the shoot was ‘the big fella’ arguably quite an easily cracked code. What an honour to have him in our wee show. Our very own Northern Star.”

Derry Girls airs on Channel 4 in the UK on Tuesdays. The US release date on Netflix has not yet been announced but should be available soon after it concludes in the UK in mid-May. While you wait, why not check out our list of the best Netflix shows to watch right now.

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