How to get Destiny 2 Opulent Keys and how use them

Destiny 2 Opulent Keys are for opening special chests found around the Derelict Leviathan, but getting a key is largely down to chance. They are a new and important item for Season of the Haunted, and each one tasks you with following a clue that leads to a particular Opulent Chest somewhere in the Leviathan’s Royal Pools or Pleasure Gardens. Using an Opulent Key to open a chest will also get you some classic Emperor Calus-themed weapons from 2019’s Destiny 2 Season of Opulence! Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Destiny 2 Opulent Keys and what to do with them.

  • The Levaithan Returns quest – You’ll get a free Opulent Key for completing the “The Leviathan Returns” quest, which is a short and relatively easy quest that tasks you with exploring the Leviathan and getting (re)acquainted with it.
  • Destination Chests – The standard Cabal chests found aboard the Leviathan. They contain Glimmer, Crown Influence, Vestiges of Dread and have a chance to drop an Opulent Key. Equip the Wombo Detector mod on your Ghost to find these chests more easily.
  • Haunted Alcove Chests – Reward chests that appear for defeating powerful Nightmares that periodically appear in specific areas of the Leviathan.
  • Nightmare Containment reward chests – Complete a full Tier 3 Nightmare Containment event and collect your loot from the final reward chest. There might be an Opulent key!

How to open Opulent Chests on the Derelict Leviathan

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Opulent Keys

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Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Calus Bobbleheads

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Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads lurk on the Leviathan too

Destiny 2 Opulent Keys are used to open Opulent Chests found aboard the Leviathan. However, you can’t just jam a key into any old chest. You need to open your inventory and hover your cursor over the Opulent Key. This’ll show a clue that reveals the rough location of the chest it unlocks.

There are only six clues to get, so you’ll quickly learn all of these locations and clues. Three of them link to areas in the Pleasure Gardens and the other three are for the Royal Pools. Here’s where you need to look:

  • Pleasure Gardens, by fallen greatness: From the main entrance of the gardens, head right and look for the Opulent Chest in front of the giant, golden Calus head.
  • Pleasure Gardens, guarded by a loyal companion: From the gardens entrance head to the opposite side towards the golden statue of Calus. To the left, you’ll spot a golden War Beast statue and a nearby Opulent Chest.
  • Pleasure Gardens, among the ruins: Head left from the gardens entrance to find a small area with a few destroyed pillars. The Opulent Chest is against the rock wall of this area.
  • Royal Pools, at the feet of greatness: You’ll easily spot the massive statue of Calus at the main entrance to the pools, and the Opulent Chest is just to the left of the statue’s base.
  • Royal Pools, among stately columns: Go inside the large room to the right of the pools’ main entrance to find the Opulent Chest in the middle section against the wall.
  • Royal Pools, where water used to fall: From the main entrance to the pools, head to the back-left corner of the area. You’ll find some dried-up waterfalls against the left wall and the Opulent Chest will be in front of one of these waterfalls.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Opulent Keys

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Once you’ve found the chest, use your key to open it and collect your loot. The Opulent Key will be consumed and removed from your inventory, so you’ll need to find another one. There’s no daily or weekly limit on Opulent Keys, so keep using them to find them.

Destiny 2 Opulent Key rewards

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Opulent Keys Opulent weapons

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For opening an Opulent Chest using an Opulent Key, you can get your hands on several weapons from Destiny 2 Season of Opulence. Not only are these weapons back with new perks, they’re also craftable if you’re able to complete five Deepsight Resonance challenges per weapon to unlock the pattern for the Relic in the Mars Enclave. There are six reprised weapons but the four that are obtainable from Opulent Chests aboard the Derelict Leviathan are:

  • Austringer Hand Cannon
  • Drang (Baroque) Sidearm
  • CALUS Mini-Tool Submachine Gun
  • Beloved Sniper Rifle

Note that the Fixed Odds Machine Gun and The Epicurean Fusion Rifle are reprised Opulent Weapons that are only obtainable from the Destiny 2 Duality Dungeon. If you get the Opulent Deepsight upgrade for the Crown of Sorrow in the HELM, you are guaranteed to get a Deepsight Opulent Weapon from the first Opulent Chest you open each week.

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