Diablo 4’s annoying barricades can soon be destroyed by horses

Getting a mount in Diablo 4 should speed up your travels across the dark world of Sanctuary, but one recurring community complaint centres on how annoying the barricades can be while mounted as they frequently slow down exploration. Since Diablo 4’s launch, several online posts have criticised the inconvenience that comes from frequently dismounting their horse to break said barricades. But developer Blizzard now plans to address that tedium in the game’s next big patch.

After last night’s Campfire Chat, game director Joe Shely jumped onto social media to clear up the mount changes. “We’re going to allow the mount charge to break through barricades,” tweeted Shely, “I realized I didn’t state this explicitly during the Diablo 4 campfire chat today.” That fixes the tedium of being stopped constantly, but ramming through a roadblock also just sounds satisfying on its own. The mount charge will be added as part of patch 1.1.1 which is going live on August 8th.

For such trusty steeds, mounts have been a surprisingly contentious part of Diablo 4, since the community previously quibbled about their general speed on consoles versus PC rigs. Though it sounds like our Diablo horses will continue to get love, as Shely also revealed that climbing or descending a ladder will reset the mount’s cool down in the future.

Elsewhere in the Campfire Chat live stream, the team explained how the weakest classes would be getting some much-needed buffs. That’s in an effort to course correct from the universally derided nerfs that came with Season Of The Malignant.

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