Diablo Immortal release date confirmed for PC and mobile

Diablo Immortal finally got its release date today, and it’s coming to PC. 

Announced pretty much instantly after the livestream (opens in new tab) began, Diablo Immortal game director Wyatt Cheng introduced a new trailer for the upcoming multiplayer game and revealed that it is due to release on June 2, 2022, with pre-registration for the game is available to sign up for now. 

The new trailer also revealed that Diablo Immortal will not only release on mobile but also have cross-play on PC. You can see the reveal for yourself below. 

Following the new trailer, the rest of the stream features Cheng and senior manager of community development Adam Fletcher discussing everything you need to know about Diablo Immortal. 

As for why Blizzard is bringing the upcoming game to PC, Cheng explains that it has always been the team’s goal with Diablo Immortal to make it a “triple-A experience that can reach as many players as possible.” The developer also adds: “Diablo Immortal is not only our first game built from the group up for mobile, it’s also our biggest and most ambitious Diablo game to date.”  

The pair also reveal what players can expect in the latest Diablo title, as Cheng says: “It’s going to have rich social systems, deep progression systems that allow players to continually play the game, customize their character, and make their character more powerful over time.” 

Diablo Immortal will also have “full cross-play and cross-progression” meaning you could be playing on PC and the friends in your party could be on either mobile or PC – the choice is yours. This also means that you could start out playing on PC and pick up right where you left off on mobile if you fancy getting some fresh air while you play. 

Also mentioned during the livestream was how the game will play on both platforms, considering they both have different capabilities. As Cheng explains, both the mobile and PC versions of Diablo have controller support, with the PC version also having mouse and keyboard support. The PC version will also have optional WASD controls. 

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