Did yesterday’s Overwatch 2 trailer show more than one new hero?

The latest Overwatch 2 trailer may have shown more than one new hero as fans theorise the fox spirit is someone worth keeping an eye on. 

Yesterday, during the Xbox and Bethesda 2022 showcase, it was revealed that Overwatch 2 is launching on October 4 and will be free-to-play. We were introduced to new hero Junker Queen during the presentation but also got a new trailer for Overwatch 2 which some fans believe featured a yet-to-be-announced hero who briefly appeared in the form of a little fox spirit. 

Following yesterday’s reveal, the internet has been teeming with theories about who this fox character is, with most deciding that it has to be the highly anticipated Kanezaka fox girl. During its brief appearance in the trailer, we see the small creature guiding our heroes Genji, Hanzo, Ana, and what looks like Zarya through the Kanezaka map whilst emitting small cherry blossom-like petals and some mist before creating some illusionary torri gates. 

Overwatch 2 New Hero Support Fox? Nine-tailed Fox(白面金毛九尾の狐: 구미호)? 🦊 pic.twitter.com/P5PPCyQY5DJune 12, 2022

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As pointed out by Dot Esports (opens in new tab), upon the reveal of Kanezaka, Blizzard released a piece of official Overwatch lore (opens in new tab) that gave more context to the Shimada clan, which resides in Hanamura. 

The lore, which was a letter from Asa – a woman whose husband (Toshiro) was imprisoned by a clan that rivals the Shimadas – mentions the couple’s daughter as well as a fox spirit and a fox shrine. This has led fans to believe that either a fox-themed hero or a hero with a fox spirit pet could be coming to Overwatch 2 soon. 

The fox’s appearance in the latest Overwatch 2 trailer is all we have to go off of right now though, so we’ll have to wait and see if we get a reveal for it soon. In fact, Blizzard will be hosting an Overwatch 2 reveal event this week, so there’s always a chance the Kanezaka fox girl could be introduced there. 

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