Dreams horror game looks like a mix of BioShock and Resident Evil

Dreams horror game PRESSURE looks like a mix between BioShock and Resident Evil where players explore a disturbing underwater facility.

As highlighted by developer Media Molecule’s Twitter account (opens in new tab), PRESSURE (Chapter One) is now available to play via Dreams’ online database. The designer of PRESSURE, Greatscott2204 originally published the game in November 2020 however recently modified it a couple of weeks ago. 

The game’s description on the official Dreams website (opens in new tab) reads: “Get lost in a deadly underwater facility ruled by killer machines, and uncover the mysteries that have been lurking below.” If that wasn’t enough to give you some serious BioShock vibes, perhaps this footage of the game’s demo – courtesy of YouTube channel Gameplay Realm (opens in new tab) – is enough to convince you. 

We’re also seeing some possible influence from the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Village as the underwater facility players must navigate reminds us of both the Umbrella Corporation’s NEST facility as well as Heisenberg’s factory. 

If you’re not convinced that PRESSURE is as scary as the other games we’ve mentioned, one player who has experienced it replied to Media Molecule’s tweet explaining just how worth it this game is to play. According to the reply, Twitter user @eroggev (opens in new tab) went into the fan-made game thinking “how scary can it be?” However, later retracted this statement adding “some of those enemies are truly terrifying!”

This isn’t the first Dreams project that has caught our attention, as previously we have also covered another Resident Evil Village-inspired Dreams creation which saw players investigating Castle Dimitrescu without the threat of Lady Dimitrescu or her three vampire daughters. As well as another Dreams player who essentially made an indie God of War game. 

It’s this sort of creativity that led to Media Molecule hosting their very own Dreams convention; DreamsCom 2021 an annual virtual event that sees the developer showcasing the very best creations from the PS4 sandbox game.  

Looking for another Dreams game to try out? Take a look at our list of the best Dreams levels for inspiration. 

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