Dying Light 2 short story confirms the Peacekeepers are the absolute worst faction

The third Dying Light 2 audio story is here to regale you with an uplifting tale of a bell-ringer and his daughter and their run-in with one of the game’s prominent NPC factions.

Sorry, did we say uplifting? We meant distressing, since it seems the Peacekeepers aren’t much for due process. The story titled “Dedrick” opens with the same framing device of a pair of young survivors seeking out (or unable to avoid) stories from the City. This time their grandpa regales them with the tale of the one time a bell-ringer was late for their very important duty, which is to alert the residents of the settlement when night draws near so they can get back home before the infected become more active and hostile.

We’ve heard about the Peacekeepers before (including how some of them will become your infected foes), and this particular anecdote reinforces how little they care about stepping on a few innocents if it means stamping out disorder. The audio story also includes a visual clue that ties in with the previous audio stories – scrub to 3:35 in the story and you’ll see “Dedrick” is briefly replaced by the words “a story.”

Taken together with words that appeared in the same way in Rosemary and Antigone, we get “everyone has a story.” But is that the full phrase, or are more teasers coming? We can’t be sure, but with Dying Light 2 recently delayed into 2022, we have plenty of time for more stories.

Dying Light 2 has nearly 200 weapons for you to smash to bits on the faces of infected.

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