A total Dying Light 2 guide and walkthrough on how to stay human and see the dawn

This Dying Light 2 guide will provide you with all you need to know when it comes to beating zombies, learning skills, exploring Villedor, and getting the best gear. Exploration is a major part of Dying Light 2, and there is a lot to find and a lot of choices to make, some of which can have a pretty big impact on the game’s world and plot. Perhaps you’re just out to learn the mechanics and systems that’ll help you prosper – either way, we’ve got them all laid out below for you to check out, with choice guides at the end in chronological order (that way you can go through them as you encounter them). Whatever your needs are, we’re here to help with our full Dying Light 2 guide and walkthrough to help you parkour through the Infected successfully. 

Dying Light 2 gameplay guides

General tips

Dying Light 2 tips

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To start with, our full set of Dying Light 2 tips is a must-read for anybody looking to get to grips with the game, especially beginners. Covering all the basics and a few aspects of gameplay that aren’t so obvious, we’ll show you how to get that first important foothold and become a little more powerful a little sooner in the game. 

Game length

Dying Light 2 press image paragliding

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If you’re wondering how long to beat Dying Light 2, that’s fair. It’s been a contentious question with public answers ranging between two weeks to just under a day, but we’ve played it through ourselves to address the length of Dying Light 2.

How to play co op with friends

Dying Light 2

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The end of the world need not be isolating, and understanding the Dying Light 2 coop options fully will allow you to play with friends, collaborating on quests and sharing the rewards of exploration and combat. We’ll show you how to set up online games here, as well as when those features unlock in-game. 

Crossplay compatibility

Dying Light 2

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Even if you have friends to play with, you might be wondering: does Dying Light 2 have crossplay? It’s a good question and worth knowing the limitations of, as well as whether the answer might change in the future and what the developers have said. Check out this page to find out more. 


Dying Light 2 cheats

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If you’re looking for Dying Light 2 cheats, and you happen to be playing on PC rather than consoles, then we’ve got good news for you. There are several mods available, that open up the hidden Developer Menu or otherwise add options for unlimited money, health, and much more.

Full Villedor Game Map

Dying Light 2

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The Dying Light 2 map is pretty big, and even bigger when you realise how vertical it is, with stuff to find at street level, in buildings and on top of them. We’ve got the whole map for you here, to help you know where you are and how much more there is to find.

City alignment and factions

Dying Light 2 factions electrical station assigned to peacekeepers cutscene

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Knowing how to assign factions in Dying Light 2 is key to making good decisions about city alignment and Faction Structures in Villedor. Every time you clear out and power up an electrical station or water tower, be it as part of the story or in the open world, you’ll need to decide which faction gains control. This can have lasting consequences on the story and gameplay, so we advise reading up on assigning factions here.

Fast travel and metro locations

Dying light 2 fast travel

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It’s not clear how to fast travel at the start, but our Dying Light 2 fast travel and Metro locations will make it all clear. Rather than the Windmills revealed early on, you actually fast travel through special Metro stations hidden throughout the game – and we’ll show you exactly where to find them all, as well as how to unlock them for easy use. When you don’t feel like vaulting rooftops, take public transport instead.

Weapons and mods

Dying Light press image fighting bandits

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With a lot of options and potential in what you find and craft, some powerful Dying Light 2 weapons and mods laid out for your convenience will let you know what to prioritise. It’s all very well finding a large axe or cricket bat, but how do you mod it, and what should you turn it into? We’ll explain the best choices for your armaments here.

Gear and outfits

Dying Light 2 Gear armor Aiden

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The right kind of Dying Light 2 gear will let you put together your own build, prioritising certain skills, stats and power-ups by picking the right clothes. You want to be a tank, a ranger, a medic or more? We’ll explain them all in our gear guide here.

Weapon repair and durability

Dying Light 2

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Looking for some kind of Dying Light 2 repair weapons mechanic or system? Find your equipment crumbling a little faster than you’d like? There is technically a way to repair weapons in Stay Human, though it’s not clear and not anything like as good as it was in the previous game. Nonetheless, we’ll explain what there is and how you can use it.

Where to find Inhibitors 

Dying Light 2 inhibitors

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Who said steroids were bad for you? The Dying Light 2 Inhibitors are a key part of how you level up, allowing you to boost your health and stamina, while unlocking new abilities in the process. We’ve listed the locations of dozens of them here, so you can get a massive power-up in the early game without struggle or stress.

Safe Codes

dying light 2 safe codes

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Having all the Dying Light 2 safe codes will make you a pretty happy post-apocalyptic parkour professional, as safes can carry great loot up to and including Inhibitors themselves! But being immune to lockpicks, they need the code to open, and we’ve gone around snuffling for all the right numbers so you can crack the safes and get the sweet loot within.

How to get the Secret Frying Pan Weapon

dying light 2 secret weapon

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Do you know how to get the Dying Light 2 secret frying pan weapon? It involves a talking space chicken hiding in an orange tent wanting to return to his home planet. Don’t give me that look, it’s true, and the secret weapon – a boomerang frying pan – is actually pretty good! We’ll show you how to get hold of it here.

Dying Light 2 choices guides

Radio frequencies

Dying light 2 radio frequency

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Right at the beginning of the tutorial with Spike you’ll have to pick a Dying Light 2 radio frequency, making contact with a… er, contact of Spike’s by picking the right frequency. But if you’ve forgotten what to pick or just want to know what happens if you get it wrong, we can explain both of those. 

Where to meet the people of the Bazaar

Dying light 2 meet people bazaar

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Early on there’ll be a confusing Dying Light 2 Meet the People of the Bazaar quest to sort out, but it’s not clear which of the many survivor citizens you should be meeting. We’ll explain that here, letting you know how to check this box and what hoops you’ll need to jump through.

Tell the truth or make a deal with Marco?

Dying Light 2 cheers side quest marco

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Not long after the Bazaar you’ll have to decide whether to tell the truth in Dying Light 2 Cheers or make a deal with Marco, potentially putting Julian in danger but nonetheless coming away with a profit. We’ve played through both possibilities and can show you what happens here.

The Only Way Out choices

Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out story quest Aitor peacekeeper interrogation

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After a while you’ll be hit with all the Dying Light 2 The Only Way Out choices, a series of difficult and vague questions regarding Aitor and the Peacekeepers, not to mention how much you want to work with them on a murder mystery. For all the potential options and what they do, check out this guide.

Split the goods or fight Klaus

Dying Light 2 Klaus ball is in your court choice

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Deciding whether to split the goods or fight in Dying Light 2 The Ball is in Your Court quest isn’t easy. On the one hand, Hubie is a slippery pain, but you did have an arrangement with him first. On the other, Klaus is a really big goon with a bunch of friends, so… maybe diplomacy is better. We’ve explained both outcomes and how they go, as well as what rewards you’ll obtain for doing so.

Nerys’ missing children

Dying Light 2 true friends

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For the Dying Light 2 True Friends side quest, you’ll need to help Nerys find her missing kids, Scott and Moe. They’ve ran off from the Bazaar and are likely in a spot of bother given that Villedor is packed with hordes of undead, so it’s up to Aiden to find the missing boys. You’ll need to make a few choices along the way, and we’ve got details on all the outcomes too.

Meeting Aitor or Sophie

Dying Light 2 The Raid story quest sophie with crossbow

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It’s a bigger choice than you think, but should you go to Aitor or Sophie in the Dying Light 2 Raid quest? After clearing out the bandit camp you can head back to the Peacekeepers or pursue your own line of inquiry, and things take a sharp turn depending on which one you do. Check out how worlds diverge and the best choice for you to take here.

The Water Tower

Dying light 2 water tower choice peacekeepers or survivors

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The Dying Light 2 Water Tower choice is one of the first big choices in the game, determining who gets to keep this valuable outpost and gain control over the region, not to mention what you do with the bandits Jack and Joe along the way. We’ve outlined all those various options for you to filter through here.

Keep your promise to Alberto or go to the center?

Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest alberto

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If you’ve been following a Survivor-heavy path, eventually you’ll have to choose whether to keep a promise to Alberto or go to the center in Dying Light 2 Revolution. There’s a boss fight and the survival of certain characters on the line, so knowing what you should do might help prevent regrets later. 

Saving Anderson

Dying light 2 anderson choice

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Should you help Anderson or not in Dying Light 2? Depending on the paths you took before, she might’ve saved your hide already, but you’ve got things to do and she’s capable of taking care of herself, right? Well, we went to check out what happens if you’re feeling heroic and tell you if it’s worth the risk.

Help Hakon or leave him to die

Dying Light 2 Revolution story quest wounded hakon

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Ah, this is a tricky one. Hakon’s in trouble and considering the situation you’re in, should you help Hakon or leave him to die in Dying Light 2 Revolution? We can understand either option, and we’ve dutifully played through this quest both in merciful and merciless moods, just to tell you how things can play out. If you’re not certain what to pick, we can show you both outcomes.

Healing Aitor

Dying Light 2 aitor

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The Dying Light 2 Aitor quest has you try to find a way to heal and save the Peacekeeper commander, reviving him from his coma. But you need to make some judgement calls around his treatment regarding what kind of plant petals to give him – and we can help you with that.

Juan dialogue choices and outcomes

Dying Light 2 juan drink refuse work choice

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All the Dying Light 2 Juan choices that appear in the Central Loop have bigger impacts than you’d think, as Juan is a well-connected, shady figure who can seriously alter your relationship with the Peacekeepers for better or worse. We’ve laid out how to deal with this dealer and the best options for you to take.

The Radio Tower and Broadcast Quest

Dying Light 2 Broadcast quest radio tower transmitter

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The Dying Light 2 radio tower quest marks one of the biggest choices in the game, as the ability to broadcast across Villedor would mean huge power to whoever has it. But who’s worthy of this power? There are big consequences for this choice and the fate of the city depending on what you do here, so we’ve explained the consequences carefully here.

Best endings

Dying Light 2 endings

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The Dying Light 2 endings are pretty different, ranging from the triumphant to the tragic, with the chance to change the fate of Villedor in pretty major ways. We’ll take you through all the endings we’ve found and how to unlock them, so you know what you can achieve and how.

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