Elden Ring gets full co-op this week thanks to the creator of Sekiro Online

Elden Ring is getting a much more robust co-op mode thanks to a modder, and you’ll be able to play it as soon as this week.

The Elden Ring Seamless Co-op mod will enter public beta on May 27. It allows up to four players to seamlessly explore the open world, defeat bosses, and make progress without the limitations of the normal co-op system. It runs through a separate launcher that does not make use of Easy Anti-Cheat, and does not rely on FromSoftware’s own matchmaking systems, which the dev expects will keep players from being banned for using the mod.

That dev is known as LukeYui, and if you recognize the name, it’s likely because of Sekiro Online (opens in new tab). LukeYui previously brought co-op to FromSoftware’s exclusively single-player game, so it’s a safe bet that Elden Ring – which is already built to support multiplayer – will work just as well.

Since this Elden Ring mod does not use the normal matchmaking systems, you don’t have to worry about invasions – though you can optionally turn on PvP if you want to fight your friends.

Progress is, uh, sort of shared between players. If a boss is beaten while you’ve joined a co-op game, that boss will still be dead when you return to your character’s solo world, but you won’t inherit boss defeats or other progress made from before you joined the game. Every player gets all the normal items from defeated enemies and world drops. If anyone sits at a site of grace, all enemies will respawn for everyone.

And yes, everyone can ride their own Torrent at once.

If you want a more robust – or, as the name suggests, seamless – approach to Elden Ring co-op, keep an eye on LukeYui’s Nexus Mods page (opens in new tab).

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