This Elden Ring co-op mod makes playing with friends a lot easier

Playing Elden Ring with others will be much easier, thanks to a new co-op mod.

Elden Ring is a lot of fun, but it’s also a whole lot easier when playing with pals. As with all FromSoftware games, however, adventuring with others does have its fair share of restrictions. But these are no match for the power of PC mods. YouTuber LukeYui is creating a mod that will offer a more seamless experience when tackling The Lands Between with friends. 

The co-op mod “removes all multiplayer boundaries and allows for connections to persist after death”. You’ll no longer have to summon your co-op partner using Furled Fingers and summoning signs, nor will they disappear when you defeat the boss of an area. According to LukeYui, you’ll be able to play together uninterrupted from Elden Ring’s tutorial section to its final boss.

The modder showcased their creation in a lengthy YouTube video. The footage demonstrates a straightforward and continuous co-op experience as a pair of Tarnished explore the Weeping Peninsula. LukeYui also shared the project’s recent progress in a short video (opens in new tab) which highlights more features such as Roundtable exploration and spectator mode. 

There’s no word yet of when the mod will be released, but it’s in good hands as LukeYui is also the creator of a mod that adds unofficial PvP and co-op features to Sekiro.

Of course, the mod is only available for PC players, so Elden Ring’s console fans will have to continue playing together with the intended multiplayer constraints or ‘git gud’ and fly solo. 

Another helpful mod allows you to summon Elden Ring hero Let Me Solo Her as a spirit ally

If you’re having a hard time in The Lands Between, our Elden Ring guide will help you beat bosses, master weapons and collect runes in your quest to become Elden Lord. 

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