Elden Ring hero Let Me Solo Her is nearing 1000 Malenia kills

Elden Ring player Let Me Solo her is approaching 1000 Malenia kills.

From Software’s latest has some difficult bosses, and Malenia is widely regarded as the toughest of them all. Not only does the Blade of Miquella hit hard, but she has the ability to regain health on each successful attack. Elden Ring fan ‘Let Me Solo Her’ recently became a heroic figure in the community by dedicating countless hours to helping their fellow Tarnished defeat this fearsome foe. And they’ve notched up a staggering number of Malenia kills in the process.

On the Elden Ring subreddit (opens in new tab) KleinTsuboiOW, aka Let Me Solo Her, shared the news that they are now approaching their 1000th victory over Melania. To celebrate this milestone, the popular Elden Ring player is streaming the event live on their YouTube channel (opens in new tab). The stream will take place tomorrow, May 10, at 3pm PT/5 pm CST/ 6pm ET/11pm BST.

1000th_malenias_slain from r/Eldenring

After nearly 1000 Malenia’s killed, Let Me Solo Her can probably defeat the boss in their sleep. And with so many victories under their belt, will the helpful player be hanging up their sword anytime soon? For the sake of all those who have yet to face Malenia’s might, let’s hope not! 

Fans have found ways to thank Let Me Solo Her for their tireless aid, including fan art and a mod that lets you summon them as a spirit ally. The infamous Elden Ring boss has, thankfully, returned to normal after a recent bug saw Malenia successfully heal even when her lifesteal attacks weren’t connecting. 

The Lands Between is a harsh place, but we’re here to help. Learn how to beat bosses, master weapons and collect runes with our Elden Ring guide.

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