Elden Ring hero Let Me Solo Her is now a spirit ally thanks to this mod

Legendary Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her is now an actual Legendary Spirit Ash thanks to a new mod. 

Modder Garden of Eyes uploaded a video showcasing the Patreon (opens in new tab)-locked mod over the weekend. It does what it says on the tin: add an incarnation of Let Me Solo Her, known here as the Puppet of the Legend, to your collection of Spirit Ashes.

Let Me Solo Her has become a local hero among Elden Ring players for carrying countless Tarnished in the fight against Malenia, widely regarded as the most difficult boss in Elden Ring. Their good deeds earned them an outpouring of thanks as well as a wave of incredible fan art, and now they’ve been immortalized as a spirit who can assist even more players. 

This mod describes Let Me Solo Her as “a warrior whose skill was a match to the Rot Goddess herself” and equips him with his iconic outfit: a jar on his head, the Rivers of Blood katana in one hand, and a plain katana to match. Those katanas must be upgraded to high heaven, too, because the spirit version of Let Me Summon Her deals frankly illegal damage. They make short work of several difficult bosses in the video showcase, and they’ve got some impressive reflexes for an NPC. 

“His famous words echoed through every era: ‘I always wear a jar on my head, and I do not bail on any Malenia boss fights,'” the mod adds, quoting Let Me Solo Her’s comments in a recent interview with IGN (opens in new tab). In the same piece, Let Me Solo Her confirmed that, as of April 15, he has helped other players kill Malenia approximately 400 times after personally dying to her some 242 times in his own playthrough. 

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