Elden Ring is unbelievably cute with an isometric camera

Elden Ring may be many things, but cute isn’t typically one of them. Thanks to one creative YouTuber, however, that’s totally now a thing. 

YouTuber Flurdeh (opens in new tab) is an expert when it comes to subverting expectations of what in-game worlds look like. In their most recent video, Flurdeh has adjusted Elden Ring’s camera view and applied a simulated tilt-shift lens to turn it into “Tiny Elden Ring”. The results are fascinating. And weirdly adorable. 

Tiny Elden Ring pulls no punches and looks like an elaborate model crafted painstakingly from fake trees and tiny statues. It’s like a model town you might see in the Maitlands’ attic in Beetlejuice. 

There may be a few atrocities here and there, sure, but seeing Elden Ring like this makes for an interesting departure from its normal vibe. There’s nothing cruel or strange about this heartwarming little world. It’s cozy! Imagine Elden Ring being cozy. 

Take a look at the drastic transformation below. 

Flurdeh used photo mode mod tools from Frans Bouma (opens in new tab) to bring this cottagecore vision of From Software’s latest game to life. It’s hardly intimidating, and instead warm and inviting. The Lands Between looks like somewhere you may even want to live rather than run away from as fast as your legs will carry you. 

This isn’t Flurdeh’s first rodeo when it comes to taking massive, detailed game worlds and downsizing them into cozy little nooks. They’ve also done the same with games like Red Dead Redemption 2 (opens in new tab) and God of War (opens in new tab). If you’re in serious need of a dose of dopamine, you might just get it from Tiny Elden Ring. Or at the very least, you might be less incensed at that boss you’re having difficulty with for a little while. 

Had your fill of the Lands Between? Our games like Elden Ring list should keep you hacking and slashing till the sun goes down. 

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