How to beat the Elden Ring Morgott boss fight

The Elden Ring Morgott boss fight against the Omen King is basically Margit on steroids – and there’s a reason for that! Morgott the Omen King is Margit, having been using a false name but now ready to reveal his true identity and power in a big Morgott boss fight. The first big boss of Elden Ring is even bigger this time around, using greater holy magics and heavier attacks to punch through your defences from all angles. Definitely a challenge, but he’s actually got a rather small health bar – and besides, here we’ll explain how to beat the Morgott, the Omen King boss fight, and the secret ally you can bring in to help.

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How to beat the Morgott the Omen King boss fight in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Morgott boss fight omen king

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The Elden Ring Morgott boss fight is almost definitely the toughest foe you’ve gone up against so far in the main story, but considering you probably beat the Draconic Tree Sentinel, Godfrey, and all of Leyndell he shouldn’t prove impossible. As mentioned, Morgott’s powerful strikes and aggressive patterns are there to distract from the fact that he doesn’t have a huge health bar (at least compared to similar bosses), so even the occasional hit can whittle him down fairly significantly.

Problem is, he’s got no intention of letting you do that. Morgott uses a combination of wide-reaching sword sweeps and powerful AOE attacks to keep the player distracted, constantly putting you on the defensive so you don’t get the chance to hit him. Don’t worry though, we’ve put together some tips to help you take the king’s crown, both before and during the encounter. We’ll start with some advice to take before you go in.

  • To fight Morgott on even terms, you should be level 80 at the least, and probably a lot higher, with weapons of +15 and up. Obviously the higher the better, but you’ll really have a challenge if you haven’t reached these thresholds yet.
  • There’s an NPC summon right outside Morgott’s arena – Melina, your Maiden! She’s back after her hiatus, and makes for a decent ally against the Omen King. Though she doesn’t do much damage, she serves as a useful distraction and can even cast heals and buffs that benefit you mid-combat.
  • Most of Morgott’s most deadly attacks are based around Holy damage, and can’t be easily blocked. Be ready to roll once you’re in the arena, and pick out armor that’ll help you endure his divine strikes.
  • Morgott also has no particular immunities or resistances to worry about, though from what we can tell he’s got a slight weakness to slashing damage. It shouldn’t be enough for you to completely redesign your build, but if you’re torn between two equally good weapons, go with the one that does slashing.
  • The item Margit’s Shackle, which can be bought from Patches, works on Morgott too! In a pinch it can save your life, restraining the boss briefly the first two times you trigger it (though it won’t work after that).
  • Spirit Summons aren’t a bad idea, but Morgott will kill them pretty quickly. Either summon the most durable ones you have, or summon small groups that he has to go after individually, like the Lone Wolves.

Morgott boss fight tricks and tips

Elden Ring Morgott boss fight omen king

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Now that you’re ready, it’s time for the fight itself. Walk through the fog door and get ready for the brawl to begin. Morgott doesn’t have a clear weakness or exploitable gimmick to make him easy, but there’s some good pointers to keep in mind during this encounter.

  • Any attack that involves gold light is doing Holy damage, and can’t be easily blocked by shields. That’s not as much of a problem when he’s using his sword, but whenever you see the light weapons appearing, get ready to roll.
  • If you brought Margit’s Shackle with you, use it selectively, not just as a chance for a few free hits (unless Morgott’s on very little health and you think you can end him). Remember, you can only trigger it twice per encounter, so it’s best used to buy yourself a chance to heal or set up powerful spells.
  • All of Morgott’s most powerful attacks tend to come with a little wind-up, either as he summons a new weapon or charges up a spell. The general rule is that if he throws a projectile at you, roll forward towards him. If he’s coming at you with melee attacks, roll backwards away from him (or under his arm if he’s really close). It’s not totally fool-proof, but largely works as a rule of thumb until you have the attack patterns memorised.
  • One of Morgott’s more tricky spells involves him summoning knives from above that fall in clusters. This has a wind-up involving him reaching into the air – you can use this moment to do some damage, but try to look up and see where they’re going to fall so you don’t get caught in them.
  • At half health, Morgott drops down and screams before exploding with energy. The moment you see this happening, back away!
  • We should mention that Morgott can be parried with the right shield, but this is an incredibly high-risk strategy, as obviously failure will result in you taking the full attack.

Morgott boss fight rewards

Elden Ring Morgott boss fight omen king

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Elden Ring

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Killing Morgott will earn you a few nice rewards, as well as unlocking the next phase of the game. You’ll get 120000 Runes, Morgott’s Great Rune (which you need to activate at the Divine Tower East of Leyndell), and the Remembrance of the Omen King.

This Remembrance, like all of them, can be redeemed with Enia for one of two prizes (or both, if you copy it at a Walking Mausoleum). You can create Morgott’s Cursed Sword, a powerful curved greatsword that scales to Dexterity and inflicts bleed damage, or the Regal Omen Bairn. The Bairn is a special reusable item that consumes FP, but creates spirits that track targets and do damage to them (the damage scales to both Intelligence and Faith). They’re clearly for very different builds, though the Bairn isn’t really that powerful if you haven’t put points into both the relevant stats.

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