Elden Ring player beats the game with nothing but their butt

An Elden Ring player has beaten the game with nothing but their butt.

Just below, you can see a two-hour compilation of streamer Distortion2’s journey through Elden Ring with the infamous butt slam. The monumental journey begins pretty peachily, with Distortion2 picking up the Ash of War: Ground Slam, which functions as the butt slam, after merely a few minutes of the compilation.

The journey isn’t to beat every enemy in an Elden Ring playthrough with the butt slam, but rather to beat every Remembrance boss with the Ground Slam. Ordinary footsoldiers and other folk don’t count, therefore, but bosses like Starscourge Radahn and Radagon of the Golden Order must be beaten with nothing but ass.

The run isn’t limited to Remembrance bosses either, as we see Distortion2 taking on the likes of the Crystalian during the butt run. Additionally, visceral attacks when a boss’ posture is broken aren’t allowed, so the streamer has to pummel every Remembrance boss and others with literally nothing but their ass.

It’s one hell of a round journey, and we’re glad Distortion2 made the trip. The streamer even says that they might do a butt-only speedrun of Elden Ring at some point in the future, and if this was any indication, a butt-only sprint through The Lands Between should be ridiculously entertaining.

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