Elden Ring player ruins in-game date in an explosive fashion

An Elden Ring invader happened upon an in-game date, and they let the happy couple rejoice for just a little while, before blowing them both to smithereens.

Yesterday a post on the Elden Ring subreddit showed off a player who’d stumbled upon two other players having a date. While our antagonist was meant to be invading their world, it seems as though he was content to simply sit there and let them frolic around, blowing weird kisses to each other.

Well, that was then. Since their original post gained so much traction on the Elden Ring subreddit, the post author followed up with the second post just below. It turns out that, when requested by one of the couple to throw themselves to their death, the invader politely obliged, but ended up taking the happy couple out in a disastrous blaze of glory.

Talk about a buzzkill. We can only hope the happy couple managed to get in a second date somewhere without being slaughtered. But hey, at least they got in time quality time together at Leyndell, Ash Capital of all places. In The Lands Between, that’s surely got to rank up their among the best places to take a date. 

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