Elden Ring player turns every enemy into Malenia, still beats the game

One very brave Elden Ring player has decided to make the game just that little bit more difficult for themselves by swapping every enemy in the game with Malenia. Not only this, but they also managed to beat the game in this mode too. 

Streamer Bushy (opens in new tab) has shared a video to their YouTube channel which shows them using an enemy randomiser mod (which can be found here on Nexus Mods (opens in new tab)) to swap every enemy in the game with, arguably, the hardest boss in the game (thanks, PCGN (opens in new tab)). What this means is that every regular enemy, every boss, and even all of the wildlife has been swapped with Malenia. 

A recap of Bushy’s playthrough can be found below, so you can witness the madness for yourself. As you can probably imagine, this version of Elden Ring is quite chaotic with basically every single encounter they have ending up as a boss fight with Malenia. Surprisingly, it didn’t actually take that long for ‘Malenia Ring’ to be beaten – in fact, it only took just over eight hours and 16 minutes. Not so surprisingly, we do have to sit through quite a few death animations though. 

One of the highlights of this playthrough is around the 4:30 mark where Bushy walks into the a cave in the Summon Water Village which is usually populated with plenty of turtles. However, with the enemy swapping mod in use, the cave is now a Malenia hotspot with several powerful boss ascending towards Bushy, killing them instantly. 

We’ve seen a lot of unhinged mods ever since Elden Ring was released earlier this year – from the Homer Simpsons vs Shrek Elden Ring mod, a mod which brings in every single Soulsborne hero into Elden Ring, and one which turns Elden Ring into an even harder survival game – but this might be one of the maddest ones we’ve seen so far. Congrats to Bushy for making it through Malenia Ring! 

Despite releasing five months ago now, FromSoftware’s action-RPG is still just as popular as ever. It looks like with Starfield’s delay, 2022 is set to be the Year of Elden Ring.

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