The Marvel spider-hero Silk is back in new 2022 series

The Spider-hero Silk will return in 2022 with a new comic book series with a returning artist. After drawing the recently concluded Silk limited series subtitled ‘Threats and Menaces (opens in new tab),’ artist Takeshi Miyazawa is returning for the new series – this time partnering with writer Emily Kim, as first reported by SheKnows (opens in new tab).

“Now that she’s truly gotten over her past, [Silk] realizes she hasn’t spent any time considering her future, which is leaving her a bit lost,” Kim tells SheKnows. “If anything, Cindy is in the same existential crisis that many women experience in their lifetime; asking questions like ‘Am I doing enough? Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing? What am I supposed to be doing?'”

Silk #1 primary cover

Silk #1 primary cover (Image credit: InHyuk Lee (Marvel Comics))

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Marvel hasn’t specified the length of Kim and Miyazawa’s new Silk series, but it will delve more into her Korean-American identity and heritage – and specifically what Marvel calls “ancient Korean magic” – along with a new wave of social media popularity for the character.

“Social media popularity will come to affect Silk, which is ironic because she’s someone who knows very little about social media,” says Kim. “She doesn’t get any of it, which highlights how she’s out of touch with her own generation. It will become essential for Cindy to learn how social media stars operate in order to crack the mystery of the series.”

Inhyuk Lee has drawn the primary cover to Silk #1, with variant covers planned by Audrey Mok, Davi Go, and R1c0.

Silk #1 goes on sale this January 2022. Look for more from Marvel’s January 2022 schedule later this week on Newsarama.

Silk will be available this January in comic stores worldwide, so here’s our guide to finding and appreciating your local comic shop. 

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