Elden Ring streamer beats Malenia with one hand while only level one

A streamer has managed to beat the notoriously difficult Elden Ring boss Malenia using only one hand and a PS5 controller. 

Streamer MissMikkaa (opens in new tab) has set themselves the challenge of completing Elden Ring using only one hand to play. To make the battle even tenser, MissMikkaa is also attempting to do the whole thing without levelling up past Rune Level 1. As you can see from the clip embedded below, MissMikkaa’s achievement is awe-inspiring as they don’t seem to break a sweat at all during the challenging run. 

Eyo I did it! Killed Malenia Level 1 using ONE HAND only! Next up is Malekith and Placidusax, good times. pic.twitter.com/N6Qit088plAugust 16, 2022

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It isn’t just Malenia that Mikka is attempting to beat one-handed, though. A quick scroll through their previous streams reveals that they’re also trying to beat the Godskin Duo, Mogh, Malekith, and more Elden Ring bosses with the same conditions – level one with a sock on their hand. Best of luck to ’em.

We’ve recently seen Malenia beaten in a variety of other creative ways. We learned about the Elden Ring player who beat Malenia with a dance mat. There was also the player who decided to turn every enemy in Elden Ring into Malenia, going on to beat the game regardless. Not everyone is as lucky as these two, though, as we’ve also heard about the player who eventually managed to beat the boss… on their 3,000th attempt.

As terrible as the Elden Ring boss is, it turns out – thanks to some strategic datamining – that Malenia used to be even harder to beat than she is today. According to an earlier build of the game (version 1.0), Malenia was originally a lot more aggressive as her AI wasn’t as polished as it was when the game did actually launch. Thankfully, this was fixed by the time players got their hands on the game. 

Need a few tips for your own playthrough? Take a look at our how to beat the Elden Ring Malenia boss fight guide. 

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