An ET board game is on the way, and its surprisingly dark

A new ET board game is on the way in 2022, and it’s a co-op adventure that challenges players to get the alien back aboard his spaceship before his “heartlight” fades… and, presumably, he kicks the bucket (what a cheerful thought for game night).

Officially called E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Light Years From Home, this cooperative board game is based on the film and puts you in the sneakers of its kid heroes (represented by bicycle-riding miniatures, complete with a tiny ET model you can drop into their baskets). Seeing as it follows the movie storyline, you’ll have to outmanoeuvre the feds with shortcuts while hunting down items ET needs to make his communicator and phone home. 

According to the official press release, each game should last around 30 minutes. That’s plenty of time to be reminded of the scene where ET gets really sick that scarred every child who watched the movie. Don’t mind us, we’ve just got something in our eye.

Aiming at a summer release timed to celebrate the film’s 40th anniversary, this ET board game has been designed by Prospero Hall – the team behind many of the best board games from recent years, including Disney Villainous and Horrified. If they’re anything to go by, it’ll offer thoughtful, well-crafted artwork that tugs hard on your nostalgia.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Light Years From Home Game

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While we don’t have any word on turn-by-turn gameplay, it looks as if players will spend their time collecting objects scattered across the board – all while dodging government agents that are on your tail, not unlike the Jaws board game. You’ll then enter an endgame where ET must be taken to a clearing in time to meet the mothership (which appears to be something of a turn-tracker, counting down to success or failure).

Seeing as it’s due to hit shelves in a few months, hopefully we’ll be able to see the ET board game in action soon. 

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Light Years From Home Game accommodates up to four people and will cost $29.99. 

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