Eternals actor on the MCU’s first ever sex scene: “A special, delicate thing”

Let’s talk about sex. Despite being around for over a decade, the MCU has barely broached the topic. In fact, the only prominent Marvel sex scene of note can be found over on Netflix with Jessica Jones. Marvel Studios, for the most part, has kept things relatively chaste.

Until now, that is. Eternals is set to feature the MCU’s first sex scene, between Eternals Ikaris (Richard Madden) and Sersi (Gemma Chan).

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Madden explains why the watershed moment was integral to the movie and the characters’ relationship.

“I think there was something nice about having an intimate scene where you see these characters who do make love… showing an intimacy in their relationship over the years. Much like the diversity in the film, I feel like that intimate moment is also something that should be normalized,” says Madden.

“I think it gives an insight into a very intimate moment in the lives of people who are actually very private and untouchable beings. To see them be intimate together is a special, delicate thing.”

Co-star Kit Harington has also spoken about how Eternals mixes things up in another way – by “reinventing” parts of the Marvel formula to bring more diversity and inclusivity into the fold.

“That’s huge in this movie. I think the significance of that is massive,” Harington says. “A Deaf young person around the world can see this movie, that’s massive.”

Eternals is set to release in cinemas on November 5. For more on Harington’s future – or otherwise – in the MCU, read our interview with the Marvel newcomer.

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