Horizon Zero Dawn player pits 50 Watchers against a Thunderjaw

A Horizon Zero Dawn player has decided to ruin a Thunderjaw’s day by using mods to spawn 50 Watchers into the game and inadvertently recreating the final scene of Jurassic Park. 

Posted to the dedicated Horizon series subreddit (opens in new tab), one user shared a video of their chaotic creation which saw a Thunderjaw take on 50 of the smaller Raptor-like beasts in the game as Aloy watches from a safe distance. Those who have played through Aloy’s adventure will already know that the Thunderjaw is the largest machine in the game, with Watchers being the smallest – so it totally makes sense why these two mechanical dinosaurs should face off against one another. 

thunderjaw_vs_50_watchers_full_video_in_comments from r/horizon

Although not explicitly mentioned in the post, it is believed – and mentioned in the comments (opens in new tab) of the post – that this Thunderjaw vs 50 Watchers battle was achieved with the use of mods on the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn, which was released back in 2020

As pointed out by another user in the comments (opens in new tab) of the post, the clip shared to the Subreddit gives off Jurassic Park vibes especially since the Thunderjaw appears similar to the mighty T-Rex and the smaller machines appear to act like Velociraptors. So when they all start charging at the unexpectant Thunderjaw we can’t help but think of the final scene of the 1993 movie. 

Now we’re firmly in 2022, there are only a few weeks left until we get to reunite with Aloy and the machines in Horizon Forbidden West, which is due to release on PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022. We actually got a new trailer for the upcoming game just a few days ago which introduced the tribes of the new region.

To find out what else you can look forward to playing this year, take a look at our new games 2022 list. 

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