Even Battlefield 2042 players are perplexed at its selection for the BBCs upcoming gaming concert

The BBC Proms will feature music from Battlefield 2042, but the game’s player base isn’t entirely convinced by the choice.

Earlier this week, the BBC (opens in new tab) revealed its line up for The Proms later this year would included a concert dedicated to gaming music. Included in the line up were the likes of Dear Esther, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow of the Colossus, and Battlefield 2042 will be performed by an orchestra during the concert, but as you can see below, the Battlefield community isn’t won over by the choice of the latest game in the franchise.

“14 minutes of dragging the hood of a Ford F-150 through a scrapyard? Eeesh,” wrote one Reddit user in response to the news. “Don’t forget the distorted whale songs too,” added another user, referencing the strange distorted sounds that were implemented into Battlefield 2042’s score.

“They had the option of the ENTIRETY of the soundtrack catalogue which battlefield is esteemed for……..AND THEY CHOSE 2042?!?!” replied another user, with plenty of upvotes from the Battlefield community. At the very least, it seems like the vast majority of responses from the Battlefield community to the news is confusion at 2042 in particular being chosen.

A lot of players would’ve rather Battlefield 1 was chosen for the Proms performance, it seems. Others point to Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 5 as being far better choices for the orchestral concert later this year, and having far better are varied scores than the recent Battlefield 2042 in general.

The BBC Proms kicks off later this year on July 15, and runs all the way through to September 10, with the dedicated games concert debuting on August 1 at London’s Royal Albert Hall. For now, we only have these four games to go on, but it’s expected that more titles will be added to the list over the coming weeks and months.

Battlefield 2042 just added voice chat last week, the latest in a series of improvements from developer EA DICE.

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