How to play Fall Guys crossplay and cross-platform

Fall Guys crossplay is a feature many have hoped for since the game’s initial release, and yes – since an update in Season 6, players in Fall Guys have been able to team up with wobbling bean-people on any other console. Done via Epic Games accounts, the crossplay system also allows for cross-progression between consoles and platforms, so players can access their progress on any of the consoles that Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has been on. We’ll go into more detail below about how to play Fall Guys crossplay below, along with its functionality and limitations.

How to play Fall Guys crossplay

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To play Fall Guys crossplay and join friends, all players need to sign into an Epic Games account, then use the friends list tied to that to join friends via their Epic Games account. Because these are accessible across consoles, it acts as a means to make parties across platforms – you just need to know your friends’ account names to add them to your Epic friends list, then join them there.

Keep in mind that this makes the Epic Games account pretty mandatory – there’s no way to play crossplay without signing up for one, so make sure you either have your login details or are ready to set up a new account accordingly

Fall Guys cross-progression explained

Fall Guys

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Cross-progression in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is also tied to your Epic Games account, as any progress, unlockables, stats and similar details in your illustrious, wobbling career get registered with Epic Games. Then, if you sign into that account from any other platform or console, those details are transferred from Epic Games to the console you’re on through your internet connection, effectively letting you pick up where you left off, continue with the Season Pass, and have access to any cosmetics you unlocked on previous platforms.

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